• Sat February 17 2024
  • Posted Feb 17
Iowa City's Steve McGuire (Design, Build, Ride)ps:// with fat bike and winter ultra rock star Kate Coward discuss their experiences at the warm and challenging '24 Arrowhead 135 on the Bike Talk with Dave podcast.

Warm temperatures and lack of snow made this northern Minnesota race extremely challenging. In many places the trail just didn't exist, as the winter route is broken in by snowmobiles after significant snowfalls. Both standing and running water often stood in the cyclists way, forcing them to navigate around or even through, risking a good soaking and hypothermia.

The Arrowhead 135, a 135-mile race starting in International Falls, Minnesota in late January, is more known for challenging weather with cold north winds and temperatures often reaching 40-below. In addition to the fat bike option, participants are given the choice to ski or complete the race on foot and have a 60-hour window to complete the challenge. Many consider it among the 50 hardest races in the world.

"The Arrowhead (135) is known as THE winter ultra in the lower 48," said Iowa fat biker and Arrowhead veteran. "A hundred and thirty five miles of anything, even a car, is a long way."

Right after the 2024 race, podcaster Dave Mable invited both Steve McGuire and Kate Coward on a group call to discuss and download this years event, as they each experienced similar circumstances yet had very different outcomes. Their conversation is available now at or by searching for Bike Talk with Dave on your favorite podcast platform (or listen to the episode below)

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