Where are the best places to live if bicycles are a big part of your life? Within the dynamic tapestry of metropolitan existence, where the lively cadence of urbanity merges harmoniously with the tranquil rotation of bicycle spokes, lies an expedition to discover a sanctuary that epitomizes perfection for bicyclists. This odyssey traverses realms imbued with equilibrium and unity—an exploration enveloped in equilibrium and accord—where seekers yearn to find their utopia on two wheels.

Let’s have a look at cities that elevate cycling from a sporting hobby to not just transportation but an intrinsic part of its identity. From dynamic neighborhoods to bustling streets, we delve into unique and often overlooked urban gems, exploring key facets such as bicycle-friendly infrastructure, affordability, weather, economy, cultural richness, culinary delights, and community spirit.

Which Cities made the top 10?


Spoiler Alert: Des Moines didn't make the top 10
But Des Moines DID make the "The Next 5 Best Places to Live for Urban Cycling"

Several cities are emerging as promising destinations as the best places to live for cyclists seeking a perfect blend of infrastructure, affordability, and unique cultural offerings. These are the rising stars:

"Des Moines is carving its place on the urban cycling map with a focus on creating a bike-friendly city. With an affordable housing market and a growing culinary scene, this Midwest city offers a unique blend of cycling accessibility and cultural richness."

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