Glenda Heithus, during public comments asked about the property donation for the bike path to be discussed at the meeting. She spoke about a proposal she had made to council sometime back that was a recommendation to her from the county engineer. Her proposal suggests that at Maple Street the bike path be turned south on right of way on the east side of Maple Street to a westbound street to be further from turning vehicles from Highway 10.

Superintendent Kelly Top stated that DOT will not allow warning signs of the crossing on Maple Street to be placed on Highway 10 because the trail is not on Highway 10.

An agenda item was for council to create and approve a contract to pay transfer costs of property currently owned by AgState to develop into a bike path extension into Paullina’s downtown. Jill Rausch presented the plan to council.

The parcels under discussion are former railroad property on both sides of Maple Street running on the south side of AgState property to Railroad Avenue and possible access to Clark Street.

The donation sets up great trail development opportunities to Paullina.

An added benefit is to relocate the Maple Street crossing further from Highway 10.

Costs to the city would be all legal expenses associated with the transfer of property.

The item was approved. City Attorney Tisha Halverson is expected to do the contract work.






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