• Tue November 28 2023
  • Posted Nov 28
A 7-year-old on a bicycle sustained serious injuries when he was hit by a truck at the intersection of Rodger’s Drive and Kenton Way in Williamsburg Nov. 12.

The accident prompted residents to ask the Williamsburg City Council for additional stop-signs at the T intersection.

Nate Ristow’s voice broke Monday as he described running from his house after hearing the accident in which his son was injured. The 7-year-old was lying in the intersection with blood on his chin, Ristow said. He couldn’t focus to answer his father’s questions.

“I thought I might watch my son die,” Ristow said.

The boy suffered a brain bleed, a severe concussion and injuries to his pelvis. He will be in a neck brace for six weeks, Ristow said. “Victor still hasn’t returned to school.”

“We see drivers multiple times a day … going over the speed limit,” said Ristow. He encourages his children to play outside — and did so the day of the accident. His 10-year-old son was the only witness, he said.

“Apparently it’s more important that a 7-year-old ran a stop sign” than that a 25-year-old ran into him with a truck, Ristow said.


According to the police report filed about the incident, 26-year-old Kyle Michael O’Neill was driving a 2006 GMC Sierra southbound on Kenton Way about 1:30 p.m.

O’Neill saw a young boy in a child’s Batmobile car moving toward the street from the east side of the road and reduced his speed to about 15 miles an hour, O’Neill told police.

As O’Neill passed the driveway he looked forward just as he struck a child on a bicycle, the police report says.

The child’s brother told police that children were riding their bicycles eastbound in the left lane of Rogers Drive. The brother saw O’Neill and yelled at his brother, who was in front of him, to stop, but the boy didn’t hear him, ran the stop sign at Rogers way and was struck by the vehicle.

Crash Date - Nov 12th 2023






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