• Wed November 08 2023
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The Iowa Gravel Series, now heading into its 4th year, has announced their 2024 race schedule and a few new features to the existing format. The schedule adds two new races as well as a women's gravel race. The new races are the Kalona Horseshoe in May and Fairfield Harvest Rush in September. The Kalona Horseshoe is a brand new race and will feature sections of gravel familiar to those who rode in the discontinued Jingle GX races. The Fairfield Harvest Rush is going into its 3rd year and is being added to the Iowa Gravel Series as the championship race in September to end the season. There is a cash purse for podium winners and a longer distance for the crown race, which will be 100 miles; an extended distance from the 100km and 50km distances offered in all the other races in the series.

A standout edition to the series is a women's specific gravel race in September the week before the championship race in Fairfield. Historically the Glenwood Gravel Grinder would finish up the series, but this year it's being rebranded as the Glenwood Superbloom. In partnership with Omaha Nebraska's largest cycling club, Prairie Bloom, the Glenwood Superbloom is welcoming female riders and racers from across the country. SRAM and other industry titans are slated to sponsor the unique women-focused race. Glenwood Superbloom is the second women's gravel race in the nation, the first being the Dusty Bandita in Montana.

Other notable additions to the series include historical and ongoing points awarded to racers. The series is looking to strike a balance between over-all speed and placement with consistency and participation to rank cyclist active in gravel racing. "We want to give people a reason to come back, focus on their fitness,and explore new areas of Iowa", says Chris McQueen, the Series Director.

The series offers a "full season" pass as well as per-race registration. The full season pass grants access to all races, post-race meals, a limited edition jersey and other goodies. To encourage more participation, most events will have a Friday night 10km running race; a popular edition to other gravel events across the country.

More information about each race and their dates can be found on the Iowa Gravel Series web page at

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