• Posted Jun 16, 2009

2009 will mark the eleventh year Team Stiff will sponsor the 3rd Annual Stiff Ride, (a.k.a. Ride With a Stiffy). Be at Shueyville on Saturday June 20th!

Shueyville, IA Date/Time - Saturday, June 20th, 2009 11:00 a.m. Distance - 36 miles Although an official count was not taken due to extreme inebriation, last year's Stiff Ride witnessed the largest attendance yet with many RAGBRAI teams represented. Some die-hard biker bums traveled from as far away as Illinois, Missouri and Wisconsin especially for the nirvana-like experience that is Stiff Ride. Is the Stiff Ride for you? Take this simple quiz.
  • Are you the type of RAGBRAI rider who has trouble getting into camp before dark?
  • Have you sustained numerous cracked ribs from doing beer slides on RAGBRAI?
  • Do you salivate for the taste of beer whenever you see a water tower on the horizon?
  • Are there embarrassing pictures of you on multiple RAGBRAI web sites?
If you answered 'yes' to any of the above, the Stiff Ride is a must do for your 2009 ride calendar. The Stiff Ride is renown for preparing one's liver and beer-legs just in time for RAGBRAI. The June 2005 issue of Bicycling magazine selected the Stiff Ride as its 'Cool Ride of the Month'. If you can do only one ride in 2009, do RAGBRAI. But if you can do two rides in 2009, then join us on the Stiff Ride. BIKEIOWA RIDE DETAILS | TEAM STIFF WEBSITE RIDE DETAILS
Remember - It's Not a Hard Ride... but a Stiff One!

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