• Posted Nov 16, 2008

CRAZY people riding CRAZY rides in CRAZY cold weather in the name of charity on December 13th! Limited shirts available online only through Dec 4th!!

IT IS TIME... time for the 8th annual Big Wheel Rally! Billboard Lou (ask about his Ross Perot tattoo) and A.Gill, founder and president of the Sarah Palin Fan Club, have declared Dec 13 2008 as "BIG WHEEL RALLY" DAY in Des Moines. The Big Wheel Rally is an opportunity for friends to get together and show off their creative talents, and help a great cause! Check out the 2007's Ride Recap. The last six BW rallies have benefited "The Heart Connection Children's Cancer Programs." This year we will be supporting the same cause! Last year's Rally raised over $5,000 for The Heart Connection Children's Cancer Program as 75+ Big Wheels and other contraptions cruised down Ingersol Ave with over 150 spectators! RIDE DETAILS (or just scroll down!) To Do List
  • Join the Team Challenge (see info below for details)
  • Drive by the Big Wheel Rally Billboard on Ingersol. this event is getting popular in a Big way! Here's a little sneak peek, but it ain't nothin' like seeing it in person!
  • Help raise money for the Heart Connection Children's Cancer Programs
  • Build a Big Wheel (not required, but come on... it's the Big Wheel Rally!)
  • Find a costume (not required, but the cool kids do it)
  • Show up on Dec 13 and have CRAZY time with other CRAZY folks
  • hint - BLING is KING
  • Better start soon!
Shirts are available for $25!! The only way to purchase shirts will be through this site. Online shirt sales available only until 12/4/2008 so order today! We are also accepting online donations. Shirt Colors- Medium Blue for the men, and for the ladies, we're callin' it Maritime Blue (slightly darker than the menz) - All sizes available.
SORRY, online shirts sales closed 12/4/08 at 3:30 pm
If you cannot see the information below. click here EVENT DETAILS Drifter trikes (although nothing to do whatsoever with the Des Moines Big Wheel Rally, this is a pretty cool video!)

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