• Posted Jun 25, 2008

BIKEIOWA survives hacking attacks and is back online!

Talk about a "fun" week! WOW! The attacks were relentless. I felt like I got beat up by the Punk Rock Cycling squad, then forced to pedal the quad-bike up hill for all of RAGBRAI while listening to old episodes of the Kim West Radio show reiterated with a Graham Johnston twang... you getting the point how fun my week was??? Sorry for the downtime this week, I've been fighting with Internet demons for the last few days! Man they were mean little bastards! I only got to ride my bike once all week! I'll have to say that BIKEIOWA is coded better now because of the attacks. This type of attack was felt world-wide as thousands of website were attacked in the same way that BIKEIOWA was. Microsoft event put out a special bulletin. Thanks to everyone who emailed and a BIG thanks goes out to my friends at Spindustry who were instrumental in locating the holes and helping with the fixes. NOTE Some data may be missing that was entered over the last week. This includes ride, ride updates, classifieds and forum posts. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I did what I had to do. I'll refund your membership fees :). Feel free to post again. I learned a ton about hacking techniques this week and if I can give one word of advice to those with websites, It would be to keep up with new technology and upgrade your website periodically. It will be well worth it in the long run. Old coding standards become vulnerable with age. Lessons Learned and it's time to move on. Look for BIKEIOWA to get a face-lift in the near future! RIDE SAFE, CODE SAFER!
See the original post below for what happened. If anyone sees anything that is not working correctly, please let me know. I've pretty much touched all the site code in the last few days and tried to test as thorough as I could. - Original post from Tuesday, June 24th 1:58 am CST - Due to a barrage of botnet malware (hacking) attacks this past week, I have decided to take BIKEIOWA offline temporarily as to ensure the site and its data are not compromised. This will be the first time the site has been offline for 7 years. There is a new attack worm that is hacking into websites around the world. BIKEIOWA has been one of the "lucky" sites that has been encountering thousands of attacks an hour for the past few days. You may have noticed the difference in the site performance and design. This type of attack targets older websites with an ".asp" extensions. The worm tries to inject malicious code into the site's database. Thousands of sites all over the world are being infected daily. When will BIKEIOWA be back online? "come soon" as they say in Jamaica! BIKEIOWA will be back online as soon as possible! We are still researching the error logs and want to ensure 100% of the code is hack-proof and error-free. You may see some functionality return sooner than others. Thanks for your understanding and patience. Stay tuned here for updates and Ride Safe! Feel free to email if you have any questions, comments, etc.

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