• Posted Aug 6, 2007

Feeling the RAGBRAI woes now that it is over with ?!? Fire up your favorites tunes, set down, relax and spend about an hour on BIKEIOWA this afternoon! Relive the memories!

Sorry for the delay! I’ve been sick with a nasty chest cold this past week… Ya think a week long party, very little sleep with lots of bike riding might have caused it??? Hmmm… :) 864 photos posted of RAGBRAI, the ride out to RAGBRAI, off-routes, packing parties, etc.! As always with the July BIKEIOWA galleries, you’ll find some oddball photos, strange angles, a few “what the *&#@” photos, buses, skirts, quad-squad, a little boccie ball, debauchery up the ying-yang, a few goats (actually a whole herd of goats), a few Lance sightings, a few Lance with Team Diego sightings, lots of Die-Hard sightings, Nomad off the bike, jailhouse stories, cornfields, Jesus, Elvis, Beaver, Rug, Riggs, Fat A, T-Bone, Joker Chuck, chair rampin’, the wooden leg at Marathon, the old ACME bunch, Lumber yard parties, and the usual stickers, beads, tattoos and team photoriffic photos… FYI – The photos are in no particular order. This helps with the element of surprise and lessens incriminating evidence for some folks! Ha! Thanks to all those who sent in photos! Especially Krewe Bead Whore – they always take some good ones! Lots of photos are from the bagger side this year! Where are all the up-front and mid-pack photos?!? – Send ‘em in! I’ve head over and over that RAGBRAI just isn’t as much fun anymore… You sure can’t tell it by the photos this year!! KUDOS to the RAGBRAI staff for pulling off a banner year for our great state! It was a GREAT year all the way around. A great ride out, I saw a ton of friends and met many many more, all in one week’s worth of time… You just cannot get that kind of jam-packed fun in any other vacation! If anyone got married, divorced, pregnant or neutered on RAGBRAI, you gotta send in your stories!! Bikquiring minds want to know! Still have photos to send? Email them to CLICK HERE FOR COMPLETE DES MOINES REGISTER ONLINE COVERAGE OF RAGBRAI XXXV. Until next week for some… until next week for others… Ride safe Thanks for using BikeIowa!! Scott Sumpter _ __o ___ `\<, - O/ O

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