• Posted May 12, 2023

Our 2023 BIKEIOWA Gear line-up will debut at the Expo in Sioux City on July 22nd 2023. Our dedicated followers get first dibs with pre-orders through May 21st 2023

We are EXCITED to showcase our 2023 Gear line-up! We've been working with our friends at Primal and T-Shirt Graphix for a couple of months finalizing these designs.


Q: Why do we offer pre-orders?
A: The reason is three-fold.
#1 - Pre-orders allow us to gauge the popularity of each design and helps us determine how many items to order.
#2 - Pre-orders allows YOU to lock-in the style YOU want without worrying if we'll run out in July.
#3 - Sizing - We don't carry much inventory for X-Small, 3XL, 4XL and 5XL, so the pre-orders ensures the smaller and larger-sized folks get the sizes they desire!

We expect all new gear to be in our hands the 3rd week in July 2023 and will fulfill and ship all orders at that time. Any other items added to your order will also be shipped at the same time.

Read the fine print on each item for pre-order closure dates, etc.


Small Batch

If you know BIKEIOWA, you know we focus on small batches with unique and fun designs.

We enjoy the design process and come up with new designs each year. You can rest assured there won't be 1000 other cyclists wearing the same jersey as you.

We don't keep large inventories in stock and we suggest that if you want anything, order it now to ensure your size and availability.

2023 BIKEIOWA Gear Line-up

This year, we have four main collections. Each has a different twist and appeal

1. Golden Adventure Kit

Leave the pavement behind and trek through the backroads (or the trail or the bar!) with our Golden Adventure Kit. Follow that sense of freedom and adventure on. This design was inspired by the Golden 50th Anniversary of the Big Ride across Iowa!

A full kit is offered for men and women. We even have Cargo bibs! View the collection

2. Iowa - Flat as a Waffle

Think Iowa is flat? think again. Here in Iowa, we live the "Waffle Life" !

You 'think' Iowa is flat as a pancake, but, the terrain is more like a waffle!

Just remember - waffles are just pancakes with abs. View the collection

3. Krazy Kampers

We always include on KRAZY design "KRAZY KAMPERS" is the name of it this year! This colorful abstract design represents a sea of tents in a field, each a different color, each the same, yet each different.

We used the tagline "Let's Get Lost" which can be interpreted in many ways. We'll leave that up to you! View the collection


This BIG YEAR deserves a BIG GEAR! We gave the BIKEIOWA logo a fresh look that we'll use on some designs for this special year.

Right now, we have some T-shirts with a distressed logo and the Krazy Kampers collection is using the logo too.

Thanks to Ed at T-Shirt Graphix for finalizing the logo update! View the Collection

Other New Gear

We have several new items in out new online store that we think are cool and we'll have a few more t-shirt designs for adults and kids before July.

The PVC "patches" and the BIKEIOWA Color patch are pretty cool and unique. view all patches

Trucker Caps - We have quite the variety in the store now and will add patches to a couple hundred more caps for July.

Socks - We are pretty much out of them right now, but are working on a new design!

It's the first time we've offered headbands - We have some online and will bring more in July.

Kids and infant gear? yep - we got 'em.

Much of our Cool Weather Gear is on Sale right now.

Heck! - just look over the whole store!


Thanks for supporting BIKEIOWA.

We are celebrating 22 years of connecting cyclists with Iowa communities.

Gear Sales helps us to pay the bills, host events and donate to other events and causes throughout the year.








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