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Over 20 bands. 12 stages. 1 epic party. The Pedaler's Jamboree is a moving music festival created for bicycle riders and non-riders alike!

Get a ticket for a weekend bicycle ride full of adventure or a non-rider ticket for the main stage festivities available in Jefferson on September 5th. This is the first year of the Pedaler's Jamboree event on the Raccoon River Valley Trail (RRVT). The Pedaler's Jamboree Iowa is a addition to the popular Pedaler's Jamboree event in Missouri that has been rocking the Katy Trail since 2009.

Bicyclists depart from Waukee on the morning of Saturday, September 5th
from 7:00 am to 9 am at Mickey's Irish Pub - Warrior Plaza, 50 SE Laurel, Waukee, IA. Drop off your overnight packs at check in and prepare for a weekend of relaxed bike riding, music, and fun. The ride will traverse the "Northern Loop" of the trail on Saturday. The trail encompasses a wide range of landscapes, from wooded stretches, prairies, rivers and farmland. Stop at your convenience at a handful of locations to enjoy live music and entertainment. Bands will play throughout the day in communities across the trail.


BIKEIOWA fans can get $5 off online adult registration if they use promo code “bikeiowa” before Sept. 2nd.

The final destination, Jefferson Iowa, will host the feature event with main stage music. Overnight camping at the fairgrounds will be free for all registered riders! Hotel/motel accommodations are available at local establishments. There will be food available at restaurants throughout the town of Jefferson as well as food vendors.

The following day (Sunday, September 6), riders will return to Waukee following the "Southern Loop" of the trail. New terrain and towns will be experienced and the music and festivities will continue to rock until riders complete the ride at the end of the day on Sunday.

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To the heart and soul of Pedaler's Jamboree (our volunteers),
It's time to create history with the first ever Pedaler's Jamboree Iowa! If you'd like to volunteer: 3 hours of volunteering gets you: one General Admission Pass to Pedaler's Jamboree Iowa!
Click here to volunteer


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Daily riding distances:

Saturday: The Northern Route: 44 miles
Sunday: The Southern Route: 51 miles

Free stuff:
Compilation CD (with artist from this year's event), Jamboree patch voucher, Gear (2 bags) Transport to campsite (not hotels), Sag Support, Camping, Music and Entertainment, more amenities in the works - Free weekend trail pass on the trail.

Showers and such:

Showers will be available on Saturday night in Jefferson at the Green County Community Center - 204 W Harrison St, Jefferson, IA - The showers will be open from 6 am till 10 pm. The cost of a shower is $3. There will be a shuttle service that will run back and forth from the campground to the community center.

Free bus shuttle from the Jefferson Fairgrounds to the Jefferson Hotels: There will be a free bus shuttle for registered particpants from the Jefferson Fairgrounds to hotels starting at 4 pm on Saturday and ending at 11 pm. The bus will make a loop around town starting and finishing at the fairgrounds. The next morning the bus will pick up patrons at the hotels starting at 7 am and ending at 9 am. Riders will need to pick up their gear at the fairgrounds and transport it with them to the hotels. It will need to be dropped off at the designated pick up zone on Sunday morning by 10 am for transport back to Waukee.

Bike Check Service in Jefferson: An overnight bike check service will be available at the fairgrounds for $5 for those who wish to have their bike secured.

RV and Camper reservations:
To reserve a RV or camper spot at the Jefferson fairgrounds please contact: Gary Schiltz at (515) 370-0023

Shuttle Bus Ride back to Waukee from Jefferson on Sunday morning:

There will be a limited number of seats available for shuttle back to Waukee on Sunday morning. Advanced reservations are available for $15/person. Stay tuned for more details.


We've been to the one in Columbia Missouri over Memorial Day on the Katy Trail. We had an absolute blast down there and are super-stoked the Jamboree has come to Iowa !! Riding form town to town listening to music all day, then seeing the headliners at night, camping, then getting up and doing it again another day is an adventure in itself! a MUST ATTEND Event !!!

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