• Posted Jun 4, 2012

Feel Beautiful on a Bike - My Alibi supports the balance of individual femininity and sustainable community by inspiring women to integrate the bike into their lifestyle. is super excited to promote a functional women's specific cycling clothing line designed by Des Moines' own Abbie Durkee (designer, dancer, racer, advocate, teacher, inventor, connector). Take a look at what she has planned, and PLEASE back her project by making a pledge below.

My Alibi Clothing~ Bloomers & Beyond

Designed by a woman to fit and flatter the diversity of women's figures to Feel Beautiful on a Bike. The Original My Alibi Bloomers are her little secret to riding in style and comfort. These high performance padded shorts offer booty protection designed to be worn UNDER your skirts or other active wear to retain your style while riding a bicycle. Whether you ride to meet your girls for coffee, take the kids to the park, or you like to go on Mountain Biking adventures, the Bloomers will assure you the maximum comfort without succumbing to the Spandex skin-suit.

Kickstarter Fundraising Campaign

The Kickstarter fundraising campaign is designed to allow the public to help fund the production by pre‐ordering the new products. This crowd‐funding platform is an exciting new way for people to put their money to work bringing new ideas to life. Since the products are being offered as rewards for the pledges it becomes a win‐win situation for everyone involved. Since supporters only pay out after the goal of the project is met, the risk involved is eliminated for both the supporters and the creators.

With just a few days left to raise $25k, we hope you will get excited to help make it happen TODAY!


As of midnight on June 5
105 people wer Backing My Alibi.
$14,708 was pledged of $25,000 goal
with only 3 days to go.

What makes My Alibi Clothing so Special?

If you think about your entire wardrobe, what do you wear the most? Is it the funky prints or that solid tank top that seems to go well under everything? Yes, the flashy fun prints accent all of our styles, but for most of us, there are a few essential basics in our closet thatwe wear every day.

My Alibi Clothing line is all about bringing some of the functionality that you need to feel comfortable on a bike, to these wardrobe essentials. This line is designed to bridge the gap between bike functional clothing and stylish fashion.

One customer wrote, “I love my Bloomers and the diversity they give me for looking cute on my bike! I never thought I would be able to wear skirts so freely as I cruise through town and bike trails. Now I feel great on my bike for more reasons than just the exercise!

I am fairly certain that My Alibi Clothing will one day be able to inspire millions of women worldwide to feel confident and beautiful on a bike. Your efforts will help me keep moving forward. ONWARD my friends!

Smile with Passion,

Abbie Durkee
(About Abbie)

"You are not given a dream without the means to make it a reality"






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