BIKEIOWA chose Primal Wear to provide all our technical apparel. Will you? This is a company of die hard cyclists committed to improving the sport.

BIKEIOWA welcomes Primal Wear Inc. as a new BIKEIOWA Sponsor and Partner.

After lots of searching, testing, emails and discussions, BIKEIOWA chose Primal Wear to provide all the technical apparel for the website as well as the BIKEIOWA Cycling Team which includes jerseys, bibs, caps, winter jackets, skinsuits, arm and knee warmers and at some point in time.. socks.

Why did we choose Primal?

BIKEIOWA has used a few different technical apparel companys over the years. We truly liked each of them, but when we started working with Primal, it was noticed immediately that we were not "just customers", but partners. Not only did we like the quality of the jerseys, and they way they fit, we actually enjoyed talking to their sales guy (hey Hutch!). He wanted to see our design be the best it could be just as much as we did. They were cyclists, they wore their own product, and rode in it more than we ever would. And plus, their art director grew up in Des Moines. Sometimes we had to await a call back cause they were out riding over lunch. We love their Culture!

Some other pluses:
  • The jersey fabric is really light-weight and cleans up really well too.
  • The full-length hidden zippers rock. It's lightweight, but durable too.
  • The jersey pockets have plenty of room, but still are tight enough not to flap or lose stuff.
  • The caps fit loose enough under the helmet and the elastic does not bunch up in the back which usually would cause headaches after long-wear time with other caps we have worn.
  • The socks are light enough for summer, spring and Fall, and have been very durable. We've tested the ankle and the high cuff socks and the elastic compression has held up great each time
  • The winter jackets have cool reflective ribbing and have a tapered fit with a long ass flap to keep your cheeks clean and warm.
RAGBRAI is using Primal Wear for this years Jersey, shorts and bibs. The Flat Tire Lounge just got their proof back and will be ordering soon too. I'm sure ther are many more teams in Iowa who have used Primal. If you have a story, let us know.

Primal gets 5 of 5 stars in BIKEIOWA's rating book!

About Primal Wear

Primal Wear, of Denver Colorado, has been dedicated to providing cyclists with highly technical clothing that looks great and performs perfectly. At our heart, we are cyclists, business people and artists who have found a way to combine our talents to produce some of the most recognizable jerseys in the world. Our original designs set riders apart from the crowd - rather it is by bringing your favorite beers and rock groups to life or showing your pride with our military jerseys.

Since our inception the company has been growing steadily and we now sell hundreds of thousands of apparel items around the world every year. Despite our growth, we strive to maintain the grassroots culture that fosters innovation and creativity and allows us to keep in touch with the soul of the sport we are dedicated to. Primal Wear is not now, nor ever will be, a corporation run by a board whose major concern is peddling rather than pedaling. This is a company of die hard cyclists committed to improving the sport.

I want Primal Wear to make MY custom team jerseys

Good Choice! Have a look at their website to see all that they offer.
Then call or email John Hutchinson aka "Hutch" at 800.275.6953 or
Tell him BIKEIOWA sent ya and we want photos of what you get made!

Primal Wear Inc.
7700 Cherry Creek South Drive Suite 106
Denver, CO 80231

Ride Safe!






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