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On Saturday, April 2nd, the BIKEIOWA.COM cycling team would like to invite you and 4 of your teammates to the first annual RENEGADE GENTS RACE. What is a gents race, you ask? Well, for a video with a nice overview, go here: ...Or, to directly quote the folks at Rapha that started the whole concept (and that we've blatantly stolen it from): "I sold it to the racers as an unsupported, unsanctioned, unmarshalled, five-rider team time trial meets alley-cat, meets 'Cannonball Run".


  • 4/3/11 2:06 pm 16 teams of 5 participated in the Renegade Gents Race. 65 miles of Central Iowa Gravel goodness! We dodged the high winds and had some great temps! Based on the team's handicap, start times were staggered in 5 minute intervals. Winners are indicated by who crossed the Finish line first. Note the times as well. You'll see which teams had the fasted splits and fastest overall. THANKS to everyone who helped facilitate this race! The volunteers, the sponsors, and the racers! RESULTS | PHOTOS | MORE PHOTOS click to enlarge


  • 4/3/11 2:15 pm Results posted. Renegade Gents Race 2011 is in the books! See you all next year!
  • 3/21/11 10:00pm
    • the start/finish- this will be at kyles bikes in Ankeny, iowa. Updates coming on WHERE you should park (NOT HIS PARKING LOT).
    • Start times/staggering-the first team will START at 8am Saturday morning. The remaining teams will roll out at evenly spaced intervals at a time gap to be determined.
    • Checkpoint-there WILL be a mandatory checkpoint, at or around mile 39. Prior to the race, each time may have ONE drop-bag left behind, to be accessed here. One bag per team simplifies the searching at the checkpoint. The checkpoint is easily accessible for folks calling it a day at this point (but NO ONE will do that, right?)
    • The course-the course is at or around 65 miles in total length. There is between 10-15 miles of pave sections on route. As of now, the course is in great shape and FUN. Weather WILL be a factor. There are DOGS on the route, so be aware, that’s what happens in the country.
    • You are responsible for YOU-you are doing this event at YOUR risk. For you, by you. Take care of yourself. Ride smart. Roads will be open to traffic. Dogs will come say hello. Miles will add up. NO neutral support. NO sag wagon. NO power food sponsorship. Again, you are doing this BY CHOICE. If you’re not 100% satisfied, you may get your registration money back at the finish.
    • Rosters-keep them coming! While we know, and honor, the march 29 deadline, it would be super to get rosters in ASAP for us to organize things better.
    • Volunteers-respect them, thank them and appreciate them. Do we have to say more?
    • sponsors-while this is a FREE event to participate in, it’s not completely free to put on. Say thanks to kyles bikes, t shirt graphix, spoke9 spoke cards, all of them have donated time, energy, space, etc the the cause. Be nice. Support them!
    • After party-yes! As soon as you’re done riding, head over the 34's Sports Grill just East of Kyles. We’ll ALL have stories to tell. We’ll have drink specials, and plenty of time to hang out.
    • have we mentioned this is AT YOUR OWN RISK? Just checking.
  • 3/15/11 6:30 pm - Rosters must be received by Tuesday, March 29 by midnight. NO rosters will be accepted after that time. Please send all roster entries to Also, a word about our handicap system. All teams will be evaluated and staged according to certain factors like racing experience and overall strength. Teams will be sent off one at a time with a small time gap in between teams. This is not a Time Trial. Everyone will be racing for the same finish line. Slower teams will be staged first and faster teams toward the back of the field. We are still working on the details but this should give everyone an idea of how the race will work.
  • 3/13/11 8:00pm - To ENTER - Send and email titled "BIKEIOWA RENEGADE GENTS RACE" to Rob @ with your 5 person team and make the 1st one on the list your Captain. Include First Name, Last Name, Email address of each team member.


So there you have it. 5 teammates (friends), racing for nothing more than pride over the roads north of Ankeny. 75 (or so) miles of mostly gravel. Winners get nothing but pride and high-fives. No money to enter, no money to win.


Yes: No cheating. No working with/drafting off of other teams. All teammates must stay together at all times. No bad attitudes. No outside support. (read: be gentlemen). Lots of details to come, so check this Feature early and often for official start location, time, and other pertinent information. It's coming very, very soon.


  • this will be FUN and CHALLENGING. -this is AT YOUR OWN RISK.
  • You are responsible for YOU!!!
  • checkpoint at halfway point. Drop bags can be picked up here.
  • there will a deadline to get rosters in. no roster=no race.
  • all abilities welcome and encouraged to race.
  • YES, it's called a 'gents' race, but women are WELCOME (duh).
  • each team will have a CAPTAIN. At the point of us asking for captain information, it will be the responsibility of THEM to deliver updates and info to the team leading up to race day.


And lastly... There will be a HANDICAP SYSTEM in place. we will work to make it as fair as possible for EACH team to have the opportunity to be the victors. Intrigued? Hang tight. Details coming.


Are you attending? Let us know on Facebook. It will tell us how many cue cards we need to make! Need something NOW Contact us, else wait patiently...: Rob ( Bruce ( Kyle ( Pass it on.

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