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Sat Jul 11 2015 11:00 AM - 11:58 PM


Gay Lea Wilson trail head (behind Brewhouse 25)
Altoona, IA


The Road Pirates


Party Ride

Distance - 40

For more than ten years now, the Pirates have been putting on the best little party ride this side of the big dance. Join us for another adventure and prepare for heat, hills, head-winds, hookers, and hijinks. (Wait, did he just say hills?)

We are tailgating at the Gay Lea Wilson trailhead behind the Brewhouse 25 (64th and SW 8th). It’s a good place to park. This should hasten our typically late departure. We are once again cutting out Bondurant. Instead we offer a direct route from Mitchellville back to Altoona. OR, a few of us are setting up camp in Thomas Mitchell Park to avoid the drive home. Either way, this is one of the few rides taking you to the great Eastern small towns of Runnells and Mitchellville – and these towns, and the beautiful blacktop roads, are worth seeing.


Starting at the Gay Lea Wilson trailhead 64th St. & SW 8th Ave. Altoona, IA.
 From the trail head, take the bike trail to Legends in Pleasant Hill. Then take more trail to the south side, turn east on Parkridge/6th, and follow the Pirate signs as you zig-zag the maze of blacktops to Runnells. Then go straight north to Mitchellville

From there we are deviating a bit. You take the posted route West into Altoona and back to the trail head. (check out our maps) Others will be riding from Mitchellville South West to Thomas Mitchell Park to camp for the night. Hope to see you out. Sorry for the late post. Pirate.


Gay Lea Wilson trail head (behind Brewhouse 25)

64th St. & SW 8th Ave
Altoona, IA 



No costs. Free event.


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