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Wed Oct 15 2014 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM


Ashworth Pool parking lot
Des Moines, IA


Women's Weekly Wednesday Mountain Bike Ride


Mountain Biking

Distance - 6–12 miles

General Information

Every Wednesday evening this summer, Cheryl and Katherine are hosting a weekly ride for women who want to learn how to mountain bike, want to get better at mountain biking, want to explore new trails, want to practice for mountain bike races, or just want to ride with other women.

All skill levels are encouraged to come ride! You just need a mountain bike, a helmet, and a desire to have fun. Beginner through expert, we will break into multiple groups as appropriate.

We will make sure no one gets lost and everyone has support to try new things, and we’ll offer tips and instruction along the way.

We plan to meet at a variety of local (DSM area) trails to get lots of experience. Keep checking Facebook and the "Information Specific to this Date" section below for updates. Locations may change due to weather and trail conditions.


  • #29 – October 15: Center Trails: Hillside & Roller Coaster
  • #30 – October 22: Center Trails: Hillside & Roller Coaster
  • #31 – October 29: Center Trails: Denman Woods

… and then it gets too dark at night. :-(

There is one more opportunity to try racing this year.

  • October 25: Dirty Du (Hillside & Roller Coaster)

If you are at all interested, be sure to show up the weeks we are riding those trails. We will help you get familiar with the course and any features!

Information Specific to this Date

Watch here for updates specific to Women’s Weekly Wednesday Mountain Bike Ride (WWWMBR) week #29 — October 15, 2014, 5:30 p.m.

Sunset: Bring lights if you want to do more than one lap.

Boys and Girls: In order to help as many people as possible learn the Dirty Du course, we are combining this week's WWWMBR with CITA's invitation for anyone to come out and ride.



Ashworth Pool parking lot

Ashworth Swimming Pool
Des Moines, IA 50131


Free. No registration needed—just show up!


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