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Fri May 16 2003 6:00 am - n/a


Ride with others by meeting at the 7 locations listed below
Greater Des Moines area, IA


Des Moines Bike and Trails Committee, Avoid the Rush and BIKEIOWA


Ride was good coming in. The weather was awesome!


Just Plain Fun

Distance - your choice

May is National Bike to Work month. The Des Moines Bike and Trail Advisory Committee and Avoid the Rush have partnered to organized a Bike to Work Day May 16th.

Registration is free. The first 300 to register will get a t-shirt and registration will make you eligible to win a new bike from Bill's Cyclery.

Party afterwards will be at Embassey Suites from 5 to 8 PM and Avoid the Rush is giving away 4 bike lockers to the employer with the most registered riders!


This is your chance to try Biking to Work.
Meeting spots have been established.

Americorp volunteers will be at each location to help you find a safe route downtown from 6:15 to 8:15. To ride with a group of cyclists please go to a meeting spot at 6:45 (with a 7:00 departure time). Rider leaders will be riding with cyclists to the YMCA downtown. Breakfast will be served at the YMCA from approximately 6:45 to 8:30. The YMCA is offering showers and "park at your own risk" parking for those that need it.

The nine meeting spots are:
  • 63rd and Grand
  • 42nd and Ingersoll
  • 73rd and Aurura
  • Beaver and Adams
  • Sycamore Access
  • Okoboji Grill in Pleasant Hill
  • State Fairgrounds
  • Bill's Cyclery
  • Park and Great Western trailhead


Ride with others by meeting at the 7 locations listed below

Your House or Group meeting place
Greater Des Moines area, IA 



Register Online (for FREE)
Riders are encouraged to where a helmet, and are responsible for their own safety. Riding in traffic is dangerous. As more cyclists use their bike for transportation (with I-235 construction) the more aware motorists will be of our presence. You are encouraged to "Share the Road" with motorists but a cyclist is most safe when they are treated and act like a driver of a motor vehicle.


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