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Sun Oct 02 2005 10am - 2pm


Off of Indianola Rd @ McKinley
Des Moines, IA




We had a brush with mother nature this morning - if O-Dawg's climb out of the valley of Ewing Park wasn't bad enough!

Just as the first race was lining up, the skies opened up on the field, making the first descent down the fresh gravel a tricky one! Our leader , David Hejduk, Sycip, appeared mounted on a singlespeed and rode away from the field. Troy Krause, Cycling Club of Nebraska, finishe 57 seconds back taking second and William Huntsberger, DICE, taking third at 1:06.

Thomas Price, Trek Store of KC, had a strong race in the second event, taking first overall 2:02 ahead of Dean Parker, Team X Cycling and 3:30 ahead of Jim Roubidoux, Ralph Henderson Properties, who finished third in the Bs!

The sun was out for the main event and the stiff wind from the south blew Shadd Smith, Bike Source - Specialized, off the front quickly as he danced up the switchbacks of the main climb. The chasers shuffled many times throughout the first half of the race with a group including Jim Holmes, Ralph Henderson Properties, Anthony Wilhelm, Cycling Club of Nebraska, Josh Jonson, Big Shark, and Jay Thomas, CCN. Holmes and Smith were off the front for awhile, with the chasers cutting down the margin and relaunching Johnson. The epic finale came down to a sprint with Johnson coming out of the last corner first, and Holmes chasing for second, Smith in third.

See you Sunday October 30 in Newton at Woodland Park for the Iowa State Cyclocross Championships - we guarantee a great course, excellent racing, cash prizes, schwag and the all-important CROSS MAFIA IOWA STATE CYCLOCROSS T-SHIRT!

Your Godfathers,
Marco, Pauly, O-Dawg

Master 30+ ICCS

1. Rob Versteegh, Team 14/ Pedros
2. Jamie Jorgensen, Team Skin

Master 35+ (MACC)

1. Mark Studnicki, Cowtown
2. Marc Walter, Lincoln Plating - Lemond
3. Don Raskey, Cycling Club of Nebraska
4. Craig Harding, Billy Goat Midwest Summit

Dnf. Sean Myers, Team 14/ Pedros

Master 40+ (Iowa Cyclocross Championship Series)

1. Jim Roubidoux, Ralph
Henderson Properties
2. Phillip Curran, DICE
3. Dave Hammer, DMOS
4. Randy Catron, DMOS
5. Donnie Miller, DICE
6. James Floyd

Master 45+ (Mid-America Cross Cup)

1. Thomas Price, Trek Store of Kansas City
2. Dean Parker, Team X Cycling
3. Pat Houtakker, KCOI/ Boulevard
4. Doug Larson, Bike Masters

Master 50+ (ICCS)

1. John Adamson, Bike Tech
2. Landon Beachy, Bike Tech
3. James Cooper


1. Doug Larson, Bike Master


1. David Hejduk, Sycip
2. Will Huntsberger, Dice
3. David White, KCOI/ Boulevard
4. Chris Locke, Cowtown
5. Brian Abbott, University of Iowa
6. Kim West, Ralph Henderson

C Race

1. Dave VanderHorst, Iowa Orthopedic Racing Team

B Race

1. Troy Krause, Cycling Club of Nebraska
2. Jim Robidoux, Ralph
Henderson Properties
3. Thad Neil, Team 14/Pedros
4. Greg Aronson, DICE
5. Todd Gillihan, Team Skin
6. Bryan Moritz, Dice
7. Kurt Hantleman, Irwins/Toyota
8. TJ Carmichael, LBC
9. Jeff Dullard, Team Skin
10. Matthew Yerke, University of Iowa
11. Jeffrey Brown, University of Iowa
12. Todd Davis, KCOI/ Boulevard
13. Jeff Yielding, Bike Tech
14. Pat Houtakker, KCOI/ Boulevard
15. Pasha Korsakov
16. Paul Jensen, /Ralph Henderson
17. Josh Lukins
18. John Lefler, Lincoln Plating - Lemond
19. Jeff Corcoran, Team Skin

Womens Open

1. Lindsay Wetzel, Mercy
2. Tammy Meehan, Mercy
3. Darcy Stanford, Team Skin
4. Jami Hartwig, Team Skin
5. Shannon Treis, Ralph
Henderson Properties
6. Stacey Hallmer, Cycling Club of Nebraska

A Race

1. Josh Johnson, Big Shark
2. Jim Holmes, Ralph Henderson
3. Shadd Smith, Bike Source / Specialized
4. Jay Thomas, CCN
5. John Olney, Mercy
6. Cam Kirkpatrick, Ralph
Henderson Properties
7. Ralph Henderson, Ralph
Henderson Properties
8. Anthony Wilhelm, Cycling Club of Nebraska
9. Sean Noonan, Irwin/Toyota
10. John Meehan, Mercy
11. Cully Todd, Team Skin
12. Ryan Jacobson, Atlas
13. Lee Venteicher, Ralph
Henderson Properties
14. Darin Schlake, Monkey Wrench/ Kona
15. Donny Quixote, Butt Rubber Cycling
16. Chris Maharry, Team 14/ Pedros
17. David White
18. Bruce Grell, DICE



Distance - timed event

Cyclocross Race - a hybrid of road, mountain and cross country running


Ewing Park


Off of Indianola Rd @ McKinley

Ewing Park
Des Moines, IA 50320



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