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Sat Oct 16 2021 12:00 PM - 11:55 PM


Sully's Irish Pub
West Des Moines, IA


Cycle Out Sickness


Party Ride

Distance - 10 - 15 miles of FUN!!!

It's time to team up, saddle up, and help Cycle Out Sickness!

Cycle Out Sickness is a charity benefiting the Warriors of Blank Children's Hospital, with a long-term goal to reach all of Iowa's children, forced to be Warriors way too soon!

Halloween is supposed to be a time where kids dress up in their favorites, laughing, and playing until their bellies hurt, cheeks are red, and their hearts are full. At Cycle Out Sickness, we can't help but think of all the sick stricken kids who are forced to miss out, due to unimaginable illnesses. 

At Cycle Out Sickness, we wanted to find a way to create moments of Happiness in these Warrior's hearts. We thought, what better way to escape their sickness, than through imagination. And what better way to slip into a world of their own imagination, than dressed up in their Halloween best! What kid doesn't LOVE to dress up and play pretend?! So we partnered up with Target, and are donating Halloween costumes to these Warriors of Blank Children's Hospital. Along with these fun costumes, we also donate small toys. (Due to allergies and aversions, we are unable to donate food or drinks of any kind.) 

Hearing stories of these Warrior's faces lighting up, as they're dressed up, escaping their current reality, into that of their own imagination, embracing every essence of their new found escape; living in a world outside their hospital walls, Laughing, and Latching on to Healing Hopes, is what it's all about!

Please know your registration and donations are far more than just donations. You are producing the best medicine there is, LAUGHTER!! You are providing an escape from the constant poking, and prodding that each day brings. You are creating an alternate universe for these Warriors; one where sickness no longer exists, and loneliness is a thing of the past. You are building an army behind each and every one of these courageous Warriors. Your are filling their hearts, and letting them know, no one fights alone! Together we will help Cycle Out Sickness by Cycling In endless doses of LAUGHTER!!


See poster!


Sully's Irish Pub

860 1st St
West Des Moines, IA 50265


Registration cost is $30, includes long-sleeve 2nd Annual Cycle Out Sickness shirt, and other swag. All proceeds benefiting recipients of the Cycle Out Sickness charity. (Mainly benefiting the Warriors of Blank Children's Hospital!)

Register By Scanning the Venmo QR Code: (Please leave first and last name, and shirt size in the comments)


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