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Sun Aug 02 2020 7:30 AM - 2:00 PM


Fox Ridge Winery
Traer, IA


Wolf Creek Cycling Company



Distance - 40, 54, or 77 miles

Fox Ridge Filth Ride; A Tama County B-Road Expedition
54 mile (or 40 / 77 mile) bike ride.

Starts/Ends at Fox Ridge Winery near Traer, Iowa. Wheels rolling at 7:30 AM on Sunday, August 2.

While several of the B roads are pretty mild (at least when dry), there will be some rutted / rough roads. A few are not exactly "roads" in any practical sense (270th St. comes to mind). It will be a bit of an adventure.

For ride's end, Fox Ridge winery is open 12-5 on Sunday and also has a "social-distancing friendly" large outdoor patio with tables & chairs, or you can bring camp chairs and set up under the shade trees. The winery has a variety of drinks; wine/beer/soda/water, and a few snacks, such as meat and cheese sticks. The owner said riders are welcome to pack along and bring other food / have a picnic there at ride's end if you want. Be nice to Siva; she also likes to play fetch with her tennis ball.

54 Mile option has 15 sections (full or partial mile) of B roads.

77 Mile option has 22 B road sections.

40 Mile option has 12 B road sections. 

There is a convenience store on-route in Garwin to take a break / re-supply. Current reality practices in effect...maintain some distance and no licking other riders. It would probably be nice of you to bring a face covering of some sort, at least for when/if you go inside to get drinks/food. Ride is not planned as a hike-a-bike or derailleur-destroyer, so with this number of dirt / B's a dry weather ride. If it's wet/rainy that day or the few days leading up to it, will likely postpone. All are welcome and ride whatever pace and distance you'd like. Ride is no cost / no support. You are responsible for you. Expect and prepare for a warm/fun/dirty/challenging/scenic ride.



Fox Ridge Winery

1465 L Avenue
Traer, IA 50675



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