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Sat Oct 13 2018 1:00 PM - 11:00 PM


First Bar on the left
Monroe, WI


None - Brought to you by no one - We believe in nothing


Party Ride

Distance - 30+ Miles with a 30 mile stupid loop (optional)

Don’t kink-shame Bob.  He likes weird shit!


After entertaining a variety of invitations from cities and counties around the country, Bobtoberfest has decided to head to Wisconsin.  Where we’ll blend in with simple country folk and spread our big city charm. 


The ride this year is going to be a small laser focused group of highly intelligent individuals each with special skillsets.  In fact, many people are saying this could be the most accomplished group of riders ever.  One can even tie his shoe. 


This year is still a work in progress.  But the general plan is to meet up in Monroe, WI between 10 and 11 at the fist bar on the right.  The ride heads out of Monroe on the trail around noon heading towards New Glarus.  There will be several trail stops to catch Bob’s breath.  The first bar stop will be in Monticello.  Then on to New Glarus for a late lunch / early dinner.  Then Bob rides reverse and heads back from where he came.  That’s when the real fun starts.


The ride to New Glarus is only around 15 miles of flat terrain.  The ride back is only 12.162 miles and it’s all downhill.  There’ll be lots of stops as this is ridden at Bob’s pace. 


Many bob’s will be setting up shop (that morning or night before) in the garden of eden (a private apple orchard) along the trail just outside of Monroe.  He has permission (I think).  Feel free to camp there or get a room at one of the no-tell Mo-Tell’s in Monroe.  Chili will be served in the orchard that night amongst the trees. 


Based on the current, bob’s expecting to be in and out of New Glarus by 4 pm.  Then back into the apple orchard by 7ish.  Think of the orchard as Durango.  Some Bobs will stay and some will head into Monroe to inspect the local wildlife. 


Be aware, there is a separate and completely independent bobtoberfest-alternative ride in the exact same location that day being organized by a group of bobtober-advocates from Madison.  They have about 15-20 going.  So it’ll be nice to mingle with other like-minded / simple-minded Bob’s.  Good folks doing good things. 


Were only expecting between 15 and 1000 riders on this year’s ride.  


If you have questions consult your local bartender.  There’s a good chance he / she knows more than bob. 

I've included a few pics of the trail. 

The three hotels in town are below.  Call soon as they are filling up. 

Super 8

Gasthaus Motel



Remember it’s always nice to try new things. 

Lastly, this is a Hearts and Minds campaign.  So loose your mind, control your heart, and pick up your shit Bob!




First Bar on the left

123 Fake St
Monroe, WI 52001




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