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Sat May 21 2016 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM


Start from Firetrucker Brewery
Ankeny, IA


Firetrucker Brewery


Party Ride

Distance - ~68 miles

Ride to Des Moines Urban breweries for American Craft Beer Week on the FUBAR ride.  The assault is to see how many breweries one can get to in one day on a bike via the bike trails and a few streets around Des Moines.

You will need to get your wristband at Firetrucker Brewery that will get you specials at each brewery to start then you can follow our route or diverge as you tackle this ride..

Hit as many Des Moines Area Breweries as you can in one day on a bike.

We will start at 11 AM from Firetrucker Brewery and ride off hopefully by 11:30 or 12.   From there here is the route.

Firetrucker to Reclaimed Rails - 15.2 miles via Ankeny connector and Chichaqua Valley Trail
Reclaimed Rails to Madhouse Brewery - 16.6 miles  via 80th St to Gay Lea Wilson Trail to Scott Street MLK
Madhouse Brewery to Exile Brewing - 2.4 miles via MLK bike path
Exile Brewing to Confluence Brewing - 2.2 miles via Meredith Trail around Grays Lake
Confluence Brewing to Fox Brewing - 7.1 miles via Waterworks park Bill Riley trail, Walnut Creek trail to Des Moines Trail
Fox Brewing to 515 Brewing - 5.0 miles via Des Moines Trail to Clive Green Belt Trail
515 Brewing to Firetrucker Brewing - 19.0 miles - Clive Greenbelt to Waveland trail - Franklin and Beaver St to Interurban Trail &  Neil Smith Trail

For total of 68 miles of riding and 7 Breweries. (see downloadable mapmyride route below and a map)

Specials At each Brewery for FUBAR ride for which you need your wristband

- Firetrucker - 1 - $1 off a pint per rider
- Reclaimed Rails - Street party and Drink special plus a New Beer Release
- Madhouse - $1 off pints for each rider
- Exile - $1 of pints
- Confluence - Pint special
- Fox Brewing - $1 of pints
- 515 Brewing -
- Firetrucker Brewery - $1 off a pint per rider


Ride from Ankeny to Bondurant to Downtown Des Moines to Clive and back.  this route will maximize the breweries you pass.

Here is the link to the Route mapped out in MapMyRide; 



Start from Firetrucker Brewery

716 SW 3rd St
Ankeny, IA 50023



There is no cost for registration but you need the Firetrucker wristband to get the specials as you are riding.  These can be picked up at Firetrucker Brewery the morning of the ride starting at 11 AM.


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Wing Nutts in Altoona may be open by then. They are right off the trail behind HyVee.

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