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Sat Apr 02 2016
8:00 AM - 3:00 PM


Slater, IA


BIKEIOWA Cycling Team



KUDOS to each team who participated in the windiest Gents Race EVER!

THANKS to YOU hundreds and hundreds of pounds of dog and cat food was donated to the Animal Rescue League in memory of Julie Hugo Sumpter and her love of animals.

Racers left in 2 minute incrments from 8:00 to 10:06. There were 23mph NW winds at 8am and winds increased to 37mph winds at 10am. High winds continued through out the 3pm race cut off.

Racers battled head winds for the 1st half of the race. The 10 mile stretch before the 1/2 way point  was too much for some teams as they found shelter at the Snus Hill Winery. Those who continued on found some fast tailwind sections before battling headwinds the last 5 miles back into Slater.

Plenty of battle stories were told over food and drink afterwards at the Nite Hawk Bar & Grill.

Thanks to the BIKEIOWA Cycling Team,  Kyles Bikes, Snus Hill Winery, Nite Hawk Bar & Grill, Animal Rescue League and Hummels Nissan for making this FREE event a BIG SUCCESS.


K & K Images  (includes a GREAT recap too!)
Ginnie Coleman Photography
Bethany Berger #1 and Bethany Berger #2 and Bethany Berger #3

Send us a link if you have more photos...

THANKS from the Facebook event page

Now that the dust has settled and the winds have finally died down I
would like to take a minute to thank everyone that helped make our event

First off thanks for the Nite Hawk Bar & Grill
for hosting our registration, start line, and post race party. We
really appreciate them allowing us to basically take over their facility
before the race and keeping us fed and the drinks flowing afterwards.

Also, thank you to Snus Hill Winery for providing the perfect place to have our check point. It was a great place to take a break or in some cases have a couple glasses of wine.
And thanks to Hummel's Nissan and Kyle's Bikes for their continued support of of our races.

Thank you to Paul Varnum and Christy Varnum for helping with registration and the finish line.
Thanks to Jesse Gerlits and Nick James Smiley for keeping the start line running smoothly.
And thanks to Patrick Schoolen and Jeff Stegeman for helping out at the check point.
We couldn't have pulled this race off without all of your help.

And finally thanks to each and every racer who came out, donated to our
cause, and took the start line. It would have been easy to step
outside, hear the howling wind, feel the cold, and decide to stay home.
But instead you all came out and we had an awesome time! And we also
took in a great deal of donations to help our four legged friends at the
Animal Rescue League of Iowa.
I can't think of a better way to remember our friend Julie Hugo Sumpter
than by donating to one of her favorite causes!

Thanks again everyone!







1THE Raconteurs10:02 AM1:52 PM3:50:00
2Da Monsters9:08 AM1:58 PM4:50:00
3A#between 1-109:54 AM2:02 PM4:08:00
4the untrained8:24 AM2:02 PM5:38:00
ass callous 2.0
(finished with 2)
9:38 AM2:06 PM4:28:00
534x15x5=? 99%will fail9:46 AM2:07 PM4:21:00
6chicago cuttin crew9:58 AM2:08 PM4:10:00
the coffee critters
(finished with 4)
10:00 AM2:10 PM4:10:00
team promotors
(finished with 4)
9:58 AM2:13 PM4:15:00
7hack attack8:28 AM2:15 PM5:47:00
team kate clark
(finished with 4)
9:24 AM2:15 PM4:51:00
8zealous part deux9:50 AM2:18 PM4:28:00
9mean green gang9:40 AM2:21 PM4:41:00
10team fight milk9:44 AM2:22 PM4:38:00
11the darkness10:06 AM2:23 PM4:17:00
wrecked 'em racing
(finished with 3)
8:54 AM2:27 PM5:33:00
12the katmandhu express9:48 AM2:33 PM4:45:00
13team prairie fire8:42 AM2:37 PM5:55:00
14bikeiowa stepdads9:36 AM2:38 PM5:02:00
15team misfits8:30 AM2:45 PM6:15:00
16sweet pipes8:56 AM2:46 PM5:50:00
17dames and dinosaurs9:34 AM2:50 PM5:16:00
duluth dave and the "loo crew"
9:12 AM2:52 PM5:40:00



Distance - 65 or so miles


The Cycling Team would like to request the presence of YOU and 4 teammates for the Gents Race 6.0 on April 2nd 2016.

This year we decided to make our race a charity event. As many of you already know the cycling community lost a wonderful member when Julie Hugo Sumpter passed away last December. Julie loved all animals and especially dogs so we decided to dedicate this race to her memory. We ask that each racer bring $15 worth of product to donate to the Animal Rescue League of Iowa.

CLICK HERE for a list of needed items for the ARL.

Also on this page is a link to their wishlist. If you prefer to shop online you can order directly from Amazon and have it shipped to the ARL. If you decide to go this route please bring a printed receipt of your purchase. Thank you and keep those registrations coming in!

This race is insured as a USAC Gran Fondo race. No license required.

This will be the 6th year of the Gents race and we expect 2016 to bigger than last year.

By the numbers...
2016 - 63 teams signed up. ?? finished
2015 - 64 teams signed up. 45 finished
2014 - 45 teams signed up. 33 finished
2013 - 37 teams signed up. 24 finished
2012 - 30 teams signed up. 22 finished
2011 - 15 teams signed up. 13 finished




    Mar 26th - Closed the Registration
    Mar 7th - Added ARL wording for Julie Hugo Sumpter
    Mar 2nd - Registration openedMar 1st - Added Hummel's Nissan as sponsor to help cover insurance
    Feb 22nd - Info about the Animal Rescue League addedJan 27th - Event posted


    Glad you asked!  To directly quote the folks at Rapha that started the whole concept (and that we’ve blatantly stolen it from): ‘I sold it to the racers as an unsupported, unsanctioned, unmarshalled, five-rider team time trial meets alley-cat, meets ‘Cannonball Run’…….

    So there you have it. 5 teammates (friends), racing for nothing more than pride over the roads surrounding Slater, Iowa. 65 (or so) miles of gravel.

    Winners get nothing but pride and high-fives.

    No money to enter, no money to win.

    It will be fun.


    Yes:  There are a few rules...

    1. No cheating. No working with/drafting off of other teams. All teammates must stay together at all times. No bad attitudes. No outside support. Be Gentlemen (or ladies).

    2. To make it interesting teams will be staged according to your team's potential. If you have a fast team then you will be one of the last teams to start the race. For instance - first team left the starting line last year at 8am sharp while the last team left at 9:30am. The race is a time handicapped race. It makes for a very interesting finish.

    3. Remember, there WILL be a staggered start for each team. First team goes off at 8AM, with each remaining team rolling out at equally spaced intervals yet to be determined.

    4. You are responsible for YOU-you are doing this event at YOUR risk. For you, by you. Take care of yourself. Ride smart. Roads will be open to traffic. Dogs will come say hello. Miles will add up. NO neutral support. NO sag wagon. NO power food sponsorship. Again, you are doing this BY CHOICE.

    5. There will be a mandatory checkpoint at or around the race halfway point. Here, you will also have access to your drop bag (one per team).

    6. Your TEAM CAPTAIN will register the complete team below. We are shutting it down at midnight on March 25th 2016. You must be registered by then or no gents for you.

    7. Teams can be comprised of all males, all females or a mix of both.

    8. All staging handicaps are final. Our team of Nerf-ball engineers have devised a special algorithm to ensure every team has the correct handicap.

    9. Time penalties will occur for any changes to your roster AFTER registration closes. No exceptions. 


    I have a Team of 5.  Cool - Register below.

    I have a Team but need one or more person.  Almost there - You can request a teammate via our Facebook page.

    I am looking for a Team.  Sure Thang.- You can put you name out via our Facebook page.


    The ONLY correspondence going out to your team will go to your TEAM CAPTAIN, it’s THEIR responsibility to relay information to YOU.
    General information and updates about The Gents Race can always be found right here (See the updates section).

    We will send you your assigned start time and route on or around March 30th.

    Questions, concerns or issues? We’re here to help.

    Rob (
    Kyle (
    Bruce (




    105 Greene Street
    Slater, IA 50244


    Gravel, more Gravel, and some pavement leaving from SLATER, IOWA. 

    Cue cards and start time will be emailed to the captain.
    No cue cards will be handed out day-of-the-race.


    REGISTRATION OPENED Wednesday, March 2nd...
    REGISTRATION CLOSED Friday, March 25th @ MIDNIGHT...


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