Type: Urban Trail

Length: 3 miles

Surface: Paved


Above Average

Grade - Gentle Grades



provides a great community pathway that links residents to schools, local parks, and the city's pair of fantastic rail trails, the McVay Trail and the Summerset Trail. The city completed efforts to extend the trail in the fall of 2019, adding an additional stretch of wide sidepath to help connect to an elementary school on the western fringe of town, making sure that the Jerry Kelley Trail continues to be a useful asset to the charming Iowa city. (Source)

FUTURE PLANS (updated 4/25/21)
The final planned phase of the trail will be the connection near Wilder School to Highway 92 at the Indianola Activity Center. This phase does not yet have an estimated completion date

The trail will extend access to the Summerset Trail that connects to Carlisle. A future trail connection project by Des Moines and Warren County will eventually connect the Summerset Trail to the wider Central Iowa Trails system. (source)

Location - Where is this Trail?

The trail runs from the Summerset Trail near East Franklin Avenue to McBride Field near West Iowa Avenue and link to the McVay Trail.



The western end of the trail heads east from the school along the southern side of Euclid Avenue; the trail route then follows on-street bike lanes and narrow sidewalks up Kenmore Boulevard and Iowa Avenue, before resuming as off-road trail at the city's Memorial Park.(Source)

Parking and restrooms are available right next to the trailhead in Memorial Park, located on Euclid Avenue just north of Detroit Avenue. Additional parking is available at the trailhead for the McVay and Summerset Trails, located on 5th Street just south of E Euclid Avenue. (Source)

Sites & Attractions

there is plenty to do in Indianola. From ice cream to restaurants to breweries.
Find more information here.

History of the Trail

The trail was named in honor of former Indianola Mayor Jerry Kelley, who was in office from 1995 to 2010.

Future Plans

Planned Mileage: 3 miles - The trail will extend access to the Summerset Trail that connects to Carlisle


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