The Tour de Brew QC crew is doing their part to help people in the medical system who are in need of personal protective equipment.

Tour de Brew QC is a nonprofit that raises money for cancer resources. Co-founder of the charity, Tina Anderson, took to the organization's page to see if anyone in their community would donate cycling buffs to medical workers during the coronavirus pandemic.

"I have been in touch with several nurses on the front lines they are truly in need of masks. I have asked if cycling buffs would work. The answer is "YES" something is better than nothing!" said Tina Anderson on the group's Facebook page.

These cycling buffs will be donated to Iowa City.

Healthcare facilities have specific guidelines on what types of material and design will work for medical-grade protection. Since these are not on the lists of what hospitals are looking for, it will be up to the discretion of the medical professionals as to whether they will use them or not.







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