• Craig Lien
  • Tue May 14 2019
  • Posted May 14, 2019

If you were involved in a hit and run and are reading this, you are lucky! I was hit and run on June 3rd, 2018. I don’t remember the crash. I remember riding my bicycle and being at an intersection where I had the right of way. The next thing I remember was talking to someone on the sidewalk and saying “that looks like my bicycle” and then I was told I was hit by a car. That person was the only witness of this crash. The witness said that the vehicle stopped and watched me and when I moved they took off.

Here are some things I have learned.

Call the police and file a report.

Get contact information of any witnesses.

Make a video of any statements that you make to physicians or police.

Document your injuries, make a body map of the injuries.

Document all property damage.

Record of medical visits, I ended up with a 6 column spreadsheet with this information: Date, Location, Doctor, Reason to go, treatment with cost and total cost.

Track Lost wages and events.

Attorney General’s Office has a victims compensation fund register for that program.

Hire a personal injury attorney.







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