Days after he said bike lanes can cause "too much of a problem" for drivers in London, a video has emerged that shows Britain's Secretary of State for Transport Chris Grayling opening his car door and striking a cyclist near Parliament.

The incident took place in October and was captured by the video camera of a cyclist who was trailing Jaiqi Liu, the rider Grayling struck with his SUV's rear door. The second cyclist, Laurence de Hoest, says he sent the video to The Guardian after Grayling spoke about the problems bike lanes can cause drivers.

After his door struck Liu, Grayling moved quickly to check on the man; the two are seen speaking and they eventually shake hands. From all indications, neither Liu nor de Hoest knew Grayling's name or his role in government. De Hoest tells the BBC that he only later connected Grayling to the incident — and that he decided to share the video after the secretary's criticisms of bike lanes were highlighted by Cycling Weekly last week.

The video is shot from a fair distance behind the accident, making some details hard to decipher. But it seems to show Grayling's door popping open at the exact instant Liu attempts to pass his vehicle. The cyclist is sent sprawling onto the sidewalk; his bike clatters against a lightpost, its blinking front light was knocked onto the asphalt. Liu is then seen sitting on the curb, gathering himself.








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