"Our mission is to improve the economy, health, safety, and overall quality-of-life for the residents of South Tama County." This mission statement demonstrates what the South Tama Recreation Trail Project wants to accomplish. The nonprofit is driven by a small group of local volunteers with support from the cities of Tama and Toledo. The South Tama Rec Trail is a true gem that few outside of the South Tama area know about; but someday, it might be part of a larger system of rec trails. The Tama County Community Foundation (TCCF) has been privileged to give several grants to this important endeavor, including a grant to help finish the south portion of the trial and safety features.

According to the South Tama Rec Trail website, "The South Tama Recreation Trail is a multi-use trail linking the adjacent communities of Tama and Toledo, Iowa." But how did the idea of the trail come about? Around 2001, Galen "Jake" Jacobson, a local Independent Insurance agent, as well as an avid bicyclist, had a meeting with a DOT employee, also a bicyclist, regarding the new Highway 30 and the state's acquisition and the tearing down of his insurance building. A conversation ensued about recreation trails and if there were any in the area. The conversation inspired Jacobson to start thinking about the benefits of a rec trail in the Tama-Toledo area.







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