Something we've been keeping our eyes on over in Wisconsin.

Iowa County transportation officials this week put the wheels in motion to regulate bicycle and other events on the roads in what has become a nationally acclaimed rural bicycling mecca.

“It’s a regulation to contain the event organizers so that they all perform to the same level or standard, and right now they don’t. For some events we get no contact whatsoever,” said Craig Hardy, Iowa County highway commissioner, who said a new law ideally would be in place by spring 2014.

“Law enforcement has limited staff at times, and emergency responders are volunteer and there can be 200 or 300 or more bicyclists involved for hours. That’s not a good situation,” he said.

Bicycling advocates agreed to some of the proposed rules but protest what they see as unreasonable, unnecessary and expensive requirements.

“If an event doesn’t close the roads to public use, then there is no necessity for an ordinance,” said Tom Klein, Dane County director for the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin, who attended a Monday meeting to discuss the proposed ordinance.

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