• Fri March 15 2013
  • Posted Mar 16, 2013
Time for a few site enhancements.

Upcoming Events

The nuts and bolts of BIKEIOWA has always been the Event Calendar. We really wanted to showcase Events that are going on in your Cities and those using our great Trails so we added Upcoming Events to each Trail and each City page that are filtered for the City or Trail you are viewing.

We've also added Upcoming Events to each of the Portals. So if you just want to quickly see the Mountain Bike Events, these can easily be seen on the Mountain Bike Portal now, or you can still see them on the calender too. Check out all the portals here.

We increased the number of Upcoming Events from 10 to 25 days on the home page. Why? cause we all like to plan ahead don't we?

Size Matters

You'll notice the Main Menu is bigger and bolder, as are the sub-menus. The heading on the side column are now a different and larger font to separate the different sections. Some fonts are larger, and some spacings are different too. These changes increase the content readability for all you old folks ;).

Social Media

We made the Twitter feed for the Portals, Cities and Trails even better. On each page, you'll see a Twitter Feed that pulls tweets for the page you are on. We tell you what those hash tags are so YOUR tweets can show up in these pages too. Check this control out on the bottom left side of the most pages.







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