• Sun December 09 2012
  • Posted Dec 9, 2012
We've updated the BIKEIOWA calendar with a few new ways to view the events.

  1. List View - Just a simple list of upcoming events in chronological order. Some folks think the new calendar view in a grid is too complex. We heard ya and created the new List View. Whe you click on an event, a pop-up will open letting you view the event without leaving the page.

  2. Past Month and Past Year - We made it easier to view past events by pre-filtering the grid for you.

  3. We started work on a Calendar view too. We suspect it will look similar to a Google calendar. We may actually use the Google Calendar. More to come...
Did you know you can see all all the site updates and enhancements here? (Also under the 'Resources' menu near the end of the 'Resources' section)

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