• Sun January 25 2004
  • Posted Jan 25, 2004
PLEASE BE AWARE that some SCHWALBE tires being sold on “discounted” web sites at EXTREMELY low prices are DEFECTIVE, “B GRADE” TIRES. This B GRADE product was filtered into the “Grey” market without our consent and by a source previously unknown to us. This product is easily identified by the absence of a final inspection stamp on the inside of the tire. In December of 2003, we located the leak at its source, sealed it off, and have made certain that ALL “B GRADE” tires were, and will continue to be, destroyed. Product purchased at discount/wholesale sites will NOT be eligible for factory warranty. We encourage consumers to purchase SCHWALBE product from authorized REGIONAL DISTRIBUTORS, INDEPENDENT DEALERS or DIRECTLY FROM SCHWALBE NORTH AMERICA only. We take pride in producing a superior product and have acted swiftly, and with results, to ensure our reputation, protect our brand quality, and the integrity of our customers. We thank you for your understanding and support. HAPPY TRAILS FROM THE ENTIRE SCHWALBE TEAM!

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