• Tue April 21 2009
  • Posted Apr 21, 2009
Volunteer News and Opportunities In 2008, Polk County Conservation (PCC) witnessed another great display of caring and dedication by volunteers who chose to work in its parks and natural areas. As always, volunteer efforts are an important piece in helping PCC reach our goals, and continue to improve our level of service to park users abroad. Volunteers gave over 7,500 hours of volunteer service. Thank you! Iowa ranks 6th in the National Volunteer Rate Ranking within the 50 states and Washington D.C.! On average, Iowa’s 869,000 volunteers dedicated 89.3 million hours of service per year (between 2005 and 2007). The estimated economic contribution of the volunteer hours served is $1.7 billion annually. You should be proud that you are a part in helping Iowa continuallly rank in the top ten year after year! Craig Stafford is one of those people who cannot just jump on his bike, go down our trails and ride past trash, tires, refrigerators and garbage along the way. Craig is now one of our Trail Ambassadors who takes pride in what he does, and has never looked for a pat on the back—he just wanted to make a difference doing the things he enjoys. Su Ann Donovon spent over 100+ hours volunteering many nights and weekends to guide trail rides as an experienced “wrangler”. She would come in many times to help when staff was in a jam, to keep the trail rides running smoothly and customers happy. Su Ann would pitch in and do whatever she was asked—even playing “Mrs. Claus” for Pony Express to Santa. Equi-Maniacs Leadership Group is an organized group of teens who provide a variety of volunteer services to Jester Park Equestrian Center, contributing well over 1,000 hours in 2008 alone. They are a willing and productive group of young women who assist with horse camps, barn chores and special events. More at Polk County Nature News

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