• Thu December 18 2008
  • Posted Dec 18, 2008
Cedar Falls, IA from the BikeTech Blog... Getting to ride in 40 degree temps for the most part - some BikeTech racers headed for Kansas City, MO for CycloCross Nationals last week for some really epic and big time racing. John, Landon, Steve, and KaT. Cross National Photos of BikeTech Racers Kat racing the B Women's race - Thursday morning - dawned sunny and cold - advantage - the ground with its dusting of snow was frozen solid - disadvantage - the cleats couldn't dig in. This is the first of the short run-ups the course offered. Run up then sharp right to a slippery downhill - then a steep short hill before one could get back on the bike for the down-hill sections. Goal was to finish up-right - 19th out of 30+ starters - Day Two had Kat racing Master Women Age categories - goal was middle of the pack - but after the warm -up pre-ride - Lots of Mud - outlook wasn't great. Actually alot of whining was heard from her. Having registered late - got the last position in the group which meant a row all to herself - Kat hopes to move up. Lots more info on the blog! website: Blog:

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