• Thu April 03 2008
  • Posted Apr 3, 2008
By MIKE KILEN REGISTER STAFF WRITER The interest in Bike to Work Week is rising as fast as gas prices. That's no coincidence. The week's events attracted 1,400 registered riders in Iowa last year, doubling the average of years past. In its sixth year, with gas prices continuing to burden commuters and global warming a growing concern, planners are hoping to hit 2,000 registered riders. Commuters nationwide take part in the activities the second week of May, including riders in numerous Iowa cities who commute to work. "We are starting to call it a bike culture in Des Moines," said Tina Mowry Hadden of Bike To Work Week in Des Moines. "The time is right. People are seeing biking as a commuting alternative that is healthy and good for the environment." This year in Des Moines, the event has even outgrown the week. Starting today, cycling instructor Angela Dalton will be offering a series of Bike to Work 101 classes to school riders in easing the burdens of a bike commute. Dalton will cover introductory basics, including proper gear and safety while navigating busy city streets. While anyone can ride to work during the week, registering for the free event at helps send a signal to state officials of the demand for bike commuting initiatives, organizers said. Initiatives for more bike racks and lanes and bus racks in Des Moines have received support from Bike To Work participants' show of force. Reporter Mike Kilen can be reached at (515) 284-8361 or

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