• Thu September 20 2007
  • Posted Sep 20, 2007
Emily Kesten, Staff Writer Every summer, RAGBRAI cyclists ride across Iowa in seven days. Dave Adickes wants to do it in a day. When others prefer to sleep-in on Saturday mornings, Adickes will push the pedal at 6 a.m. Starting over the Missouri River on Highway 92 in Council Bluffs, Adickes will ride 275 miles to the Mississippi River in Muscatine in under 24 hours. The idea, dubbed the River-to-River Challenge, came to Adickes in late June. He decided to turn it into a Push America Challenge event and use all raised funds to benefit the Jason R. Tirado and Todd J. Porterfield Memorial Grants. "The ride is not for or about me at all," he said, "it is about Push America and the lives that are impacted through their programs." Push America is a national philanthropy of Pi Kappa Phi fraternity, which Adickes was introduced to in 1997 at Iowa State University. The organization's cycling branch, stretching over 30 states, interested Adickes, who spent three cross-cycling summers as a Journey of Hope member. "These three summers have given me a new perspective on many things in life," said Adickes. Adickes emphasizes Push America and disabilities awareness. He said he is not out to break records for ultra cycling along the same route. "I am just an average athlete," he said. He does, however, encourage passing the word along or cheering him. Cheer him on Highway 92; he should pass through Carson between 7:40-8:20 a.m. and Des Moines in the afternoon. Go ahead, he urges, and forward e-mails titled "This guy is crazy!" Having grown up in Macedonia, Adickes chose Highway 92 to pass close to home and breeze past friends and family. Although this is a challenge for himself for Push America, he is not on a lone man's journey. A crew including a former college roommate will follow with food and water. By the end of this Saturday, Adickes may be able to say he cycled across Iowa in a day, but he would rather hear Iowans say they are now aware of Push America and will help serve people with disabilities. Donation suggestions, such as $7.50 ("brown bag lunch club") and $76 ("crude oil prices that drive us all crazy"). More information is available at

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