• Tue November 27 2001
  • Posted Nov 27, 2001
A German scientist claims the old adage about blondes having more fun is no longer true. Professor Hans Juergens says his research proves brunettes now have more fun. He believes men want to marry blondes like Claudia Schiffer but have affairs with brunettes like Catherine Zeta Jones. Professor Juergens says men associate blondes with marriage and washing powder but brunettes with sex. To test his theory the professor from Kiel put two adverts in a newspaper pretending to be a 26-year-old woman looking for marriage. In one he made her blonde, in the other a brunette. "The men wanted to bed the dark-haired women, but were thinking of sharing their lives or building a house with the blonde," he said. Professor Juergens says advertisers have already cottoned on to changing attitudes about hair colour. "Almost everything that is associated with washing and cleaning materials is advertised with a blonde," he said. Dark-haired women, said the professor, are usually used to sell chocolate, alcoholic drinks and sexy underwear.

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