• Posted May 25, 2009

Steve Cannon of Team Bad Boy will run across Iowa starting on June 22nd 2009 leaving the Council Bluffs and running to Muscatine Iowa running an average of 26 miles per day, for 11 days.

Yes, I said "Run" across Iowa... Steve Cannon of Team Bad Boy (you know the one with the 55 gallon drum on the back of his bike? yeah, this is him!) will RUN across Iowa in 11 days 25-30 miles each day to "Celebrate Life", provide monetary support to fight cancer and promote cancer awareness. Steve is no stranger to long endurance events as he is participated in numerous adventure races, marathons and even rode his bicycle to Denver CO a couple of years to run a marathon. There is a great 2 minute video where Steve tells his story of how he got involved with this run. His blog will be very interesting to follow! From Steve... Hey there everyone. On June 22nd I will begin a 11 day 300 mile run across Iowa to celebrate life. During those 11 days I will run with children battling cancer, cancer survivors and those wanting to honor the memory of a family member or friend. We will run to raise awareness, raise money and to give hope. Take time to check out the site, get involved, and then share it with everyone!! WHAT WE DO TODAY, CHANGES SOMEONE'S TOMORROW, MAYBE SOMEONE YOU KNOW. Together we can put an end to Cancer. Steve Cannon The Route 1st Half of the Route
  • Day 1 -Council Bluffs to Minden – 26 miles
  • Day 2 – Minden to Marne – 27 miles
  • Day 3 – Marne to Adair – 28 miles
  • Day 4 – Adair to Redfield – 30 miles (ouch)
  • Day 5 – Redfield to Des Moines (and my own bed) – 28 Miles
  • Day 6 – Des Moines to Prairie City – 26 Miles
  • Day 7 – Prarie City to Lynville – 27 Miles
  • Day 8 – Lynville to Millersburg – 32 Miles
  • Day 9 – Millersburg to Williamstown – 26 Miles
  • Day 10 -Williamstown to Lone Tree – 23 Miles
  • Day 11 Lone Tree to Muscatine (and the Mississippi River) – 24 Miles (WAHOO!!!)

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