• Posted May 31, 2008

Not-so-technical biking shirts that will add smiles to your miles---- and maybe take some heat off your seat.

BIKEIOWA is pleased to announce its newest 2008 sponsor – Two Wheeler Wear. Don’t get us wrong, we’re serious bicyclists. But we don’t take ourselves too seriously. After years of wearing conventional biking attire, we desperately needed something different. Something to reflect more of who we are and to make us stand out among the pack. And of course something quite stylish while riding in town, on trails and wherever we may roam. We started wearing some of our brainstorms. Other bikers wanted them. And then more. And more. So... Say hello to Two Wheeler Wear. There’s nothing conventional about our approach to bicycling clothing. It’s a bit different and slightly irreverent. Our bold designs make simple yet eloquent statements about the people who wear them as well as the folks that buy our line. Our shirts are not made of that fancy schmancy, really expensive high-tech material, nor are they of the most aerodynamic design (unless of course you tuck them quite snugly into bike shorts). We’re talking tried-and-true 100 percent cotton t-shirts. And only in white---our nod to keeping bikers cool while looking very cool. Besides the white really makes our artwork stand out. We mix fun with good taste (mostly) to create a line of clothing that encourages freedom of expression and broadcasts a spirit independence and a healthy sense of humor. Two Wheeler Wear is for bike enthusiasts who proudly wave the flag of unconventionality and have a fun time doing it. Say hello to Two Wheeler Wear. We hope we can add smiles to your miles---and maybe take some heat off your seat. To see just how we roll, please visit our website:

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