• Posted Jun 18, 2007

a.k.a. Ride With A Stiffy Is the Stiff Ride for you? Take this simple quiz. Shueyville --> Ely --> Sutliff

Ride with a Stiffy this Saturday June 23rd... Last year's Stiff Ride witnessed the largest attendance yet with many RAGBRAI teams represented. Some die-hard biker bums traveled from as far away as California, Illinois, Missouri and Wisconsin especially for the nirvana-like experience that is Stiff Ride. Is the Stiff Ride for you? Take this simple quiz.
  • Are you the type of RAGBRAI rider who has trouble getting into camp before dark?
  • Have you sustained numerous cracked ribs from doing beer slides on RAGBRAI?
  • Do you salivate for the taste of beer whenever you see a water tower on the horizon?
  • Are there embarrassing pictures of you on multiple RAGBRAI web sites? If you answered 'yes' to any of the above, the Stiff Ride is a must do for your 2007 ride calendar.
    RIDE DETAILS Check out Remember - It's Not a Hard Ride... but a Stiff One!

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