• Posted Jul 17, 2010

BIKEIOWA and Miller Lite are excited to announce the "Bike Culture" Contest WINNER!

After careful consideration of all entries, both BIKEIOWA and Miller Lite chose the same entry as the winner. Lets have a round of applause and tailwind to Mike Sacora of Cedar Rapids. Mike is a member of Team Wimpy.

Mike's Contest Entry

Mike Sacora Cedar Rapids IA What the team would do with $500 Living in Cedar Rapids and going thru the flood of 2008, we know how it affected bike riding in the downtown area. A lot of riders have not supported the flooded area because of all the metal and wood and other debris on the trails and roads that caused flat tires and other needed repairs to their bikes. Our team would take the prize money and get 10 companies to match the funds. We would build a bike repair stand and place it behind Palor City Pub and Grill since they are in the heart of the flooded area. We would have every tool that a biker would need to repair their bikes. A tire pump will be also available. These will be steel cabled to a bike stand so a biker can repair their bikes 24 hours a day. With the remainder of the money we will start a bike library where we can loan out bikes on the weekends. We will work with the city to donate a part of a city owned building. Get volunteers to donate bikes, mechanics to fix them and workers to run the library. It’s a win win situation for everyone. Team Wimpy Mike

Why Mike's entry was chosen

We felt Mike's entry had the most "Bike Culture" impact for Iowa. We've all seen photos of the flood that overtook the heart of downtown Cedar Rapids in 2008. The community pulled together and they rebuilt much of downtown. While certain places will never be the same, Mike's grassroots-level advocacy approach is a perfects start to something bigger. Yes, like a tool stand in the right part of town. We think this small step will turn into something BIG over time. Just like the times after the flood, we feel this can be a positive Community-builder for cyclists and many others.
  • Cyclists will be able to fix their bikes themselves
  • This takes place at an existing cycling hangout which adds to the camaraderie of fellow cyclists and may influence others to get on their bicycles.
  • Community Involvement - As simple as it may sound, Mike will bring new business into downtown Cedar Rapids. Others will become involved from the building the tool stand, to the Pub & Grill to working with City Officials, various companies, and other cyclists, etc. We hope the city sees this as a positive initiative from cyclists.
  • Matching Funds - This is key. Mike will use the $500 as a catalyst to obtain more funds to finish the tool stand, and start the Bicycle Library
  • It will eventually lead up to a bicycle loaner program to get new folks on bicycles.

Runner Ups

We had lots of great entries and wish we could have made them all winners. But only one can make the podium in this contest. Here are the Runners Ups. note: only partial entries are shown...
  • Central Iowa Trails Association (CITA) - The Greenwood Park Appreciation Party to bring cyclist together (road, dirt, families) along with those that use the park for other events (bird watching, nature walks, running, swimming). CITA has turned the Greenwood Park area into a mountain biking Mecca in the heart of Des Moines, but it is used for some many more activities. This event would bring all those entities together for one event. (Submitted by Tom Anderson)
  • Indian Hills Bike Club - to purchase some needed tools for the Club and initiated a bike show, bike ride and possibly start a BMX club. The club is currently open to middle school students who enjoy bikes or work with tools. Our motto is Recycle, Reuse, and Ride. The students are into all types of bike riding. We either donate the bikes we build to those in need or sell them for a small profit to help fund our next project. (Submitted by Wesley Hall)
  • Pella Triathlon Club - to resurrect the Dutchman Triathlon whereas the funds raised from the triathlon would benefit the local Habitat for Humanity. Wes' entry was the most entertaining and including monies for Milk Bones dog biscuits, the latest Spinervals DVD and Zipp 808 wheels, but in the end the triathlon resurrection was the more noble cause. (Submitted by Wes Chaplin)
THANKS to all those who entered! THANKS to Miller Lite, who proudly supports our Iowa Bike Culture as it grows. We'll provide updates on Mike's initiative on a regular basis. Again, Congratulations Mike!!! You can follow Team Wimpy here: We hope to offer a similar contest later in the year if funding allows. RIDE SAFE!

Tool Stand that will be placed outside of Palor City Pub and Grill in downtown Cedar Rapids

Photo of downtown Cedar Rapids in 2008

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