• Posted Jun 28, 2010

BIKEIOWA is giving away a CycleSound on July 16th! Have tunes in time for RAGBRAI! WINNER ANNOUNCED

And the WINNER is... Congratulations to Gary Ruder of Williamsburg, IA !! He is the winner of the CycleSound unit donated by Del at CycleSound! Gary's name was randomly chosen from 311 entries. Gary's CycleSound will be shipped to him ASAP. Thanks to all who played. You can always order your own CycleSound. See the details below to save $10 and get free shipping.

FREE Tunes

Once again, Del from has donated a CycleSound for a BIKEIOWA giveaway! Enter TODAY and have tunes by RAGBRAI. CycleSound has been around for a few years now, and thousands of units have been sold world-wide! Here is YOUR opportunity to get one for FREE! Don't think YOU will be the winner? You can still order one And get a nice discount! See details below.

Giveaway Rules - Anyone can WIN!

  • ALL Data must be filled in
  • Only one entry per person allowed (you bet we check!)
  • One winner will be randomly selected after 5:00 PM on Friday July 16th 2010
  • If YOU win, WE will call or email YOU.
  • Winner's name will be posted on the site
  • Winner is only allowed to play "good" music on the CycleSound. "Bad" Music will not play.
  • BIKEIOWA or CycleSound is not responsible for loss of hearing, loss of friends, or loss of virginity by using a CycleSound unit.
  • Winner promises to use CycleSound unit responsibly

BIKEIOWA Promo Special

If you want a CycleSound no matter what, you can still get a good deal on one! Get FREE Shipping AND a $10 discount if you enter 'BIKEIOWA' in the coupon code box on the order form ont he CycleSound website. ORDER ONE NOW We were going to make a new video for 2010, but after watching our last corny video, we decided to keep it! It is pretty apparent why Scott is not a used car salesman. This guy is perfectly Legit! Sorry - this contest is over!

About CycleSound

CycleSound was established with the expressed purpose of developing a superior bicycle sound system that eliminates the dangerous need to use headphones and ear buds. After many designs and test prototypes, the CycleSound system became a reality. Just plug in your player and enjoy the experience of riding to your favorite music. You just have to hear it to believe the quality of sound the CycleSound system delivers!! (NEW for 2009) the CycleSound's speakers were upgraded to sound even better and play louder!


  • Superior, highly efficient speakers preset for outdoor use.
  • State of the art amplification, designed and built especially for CycleSound.
  • Light Weight, the CycleSound system only weighs 1.5 pounds with batteries, or the same as a full water bottle.
  • The CycleSound system attaches right under the seat resulting in a great sound and good center of gravity.
  • The outer shell is made with water resistant nylon Cordura, just like the highest quality bicycle bags.
  • The CycleSound system clips on and off in just seconds.
  • Provides a built-in zippered compartment for your portable player (iPod, iRiver, Zen, etc.) making the CycleSound system totally self-contained.
  • Tried and True - CycleSound has been Road tested for several RAGBRAI's and thousands of miles. Now there's proof!
  • Plays for 8 to 10 hours on 6AA alkaline batteries.
BIKEIOWA says "I'm very impressed with the BIG sound from such a small unit." We've been using a CycleSound since it was in the prototype stages back in 2005. If anyone has seen us ride, you know we ride hard and put things away wet! CycleSound has withstood rainstorms, mud, bumps, gravel and an occasional "bad song"...

A few more Testimonials

  • The Cyclesound player is awesome. Great volume and great battery life. You can hear music and still hear what is going on around you unlike ear-bud ear phones. Lots of comments from people saying they like the music and ride along to listen. I also like the quick release and portability of the player which I have taken with me on camping trips and out to the fire pit.
  • On RAGBRAI, my sister and I saw quite a variety of “systems” for playing music, including a big cooler with speakers being towed behind a bike, radios duct taped to bike frames, and elaborate little speaker systems rigged up on the bike trunk frame. But we were really impressed with the CycleSound system once we ran across it. I went out and bought an ipod specifically so I could use my CycleSound system. I now find, with some good tunes along, I actually work harder and ride faster……and have more fun!
  • We actually first saw it on RAGBRAI this year and were very impressed, so when we got home we ordered it right away. We have taken it out on a few rides and love it. Can’t wait to use it on RAGBRAI next year! We ride a tandem and it is perfect for the two of us when we are out on the road alone. We love the quick clip because we ride single bikes once in awhile and can easily take it off and attach it to a different bike. The unit is very light and compact, unlike some of the systems you see on RAGBRAI. but the sound is great.
  • I love my CycleSound Speaker System! It fits conveniently and safely on my bike and the sound is powerful and superior to anything I’ve ever tried to rig on my bike. I can now easily listen to all my favorite songs straight from my ipod! The CycleSound Speaker system is lightweight, sounds fantastic, is easy to use and is the perfect accessory for bicycling!
  • My RAGBRAI team and I have been looking for a good way to have music on the entire ride for about three years. Luckily, we ran into Del and ordered a CycleSound System for the 2006 ride. It worked out great! It was easy to use and we even listened to it after the ride was over at our campsite.
  • Thanks for the CycleSound Speaker System. I found it to be of top notch quality and neat in appearance…a great holiday gift for the serious or casual biker.
  • I love my new CycleSound! Music came in loud and clear on the ride. Love the small, compact size. I will definitely use this on all my rides from now on. Thanks!
  • When I saw the CycleSound Speaker System I knew I had to have one for myself. I use it on organized ride events and everyone wants to know where to get one. It makes for great riding with friends

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