• Posted Mar 30, 2010

New Sponsor is pleased to announce Miller Lite as its newest sponsor. Miller Lite has long been a proud supporter of cycling and has once again partnered with to promote and support our ever-growing Iowa Biking Culture and showcase the Miller Lite brand through our favorite kind of marketing - Grassroots. We like being on the front line and we'll gain momentum with Frequent, Fun and Spontaneous contests, site posts, Facebook and Twitter updates. We'll be there at the end of your ride with a cold one. We'll post specials and give away schwag throughout the year. As part of the sponsorship, Miller Lite will become the title sponsor for the BIKEIOWA calendar. Check it out! Iowa Cycling and Miller Lite has had a long connection been through several charities, team sponsorships, cycling events, music festivals and has been the Official Beer of RAGBRAI by hosting the music stops each day as well as the overnight beverage gardens. Hey, Lets start it out right with a $500 cash giveaway!

$500 Bike Culture Contest

What would your Team/Club do with $500? Miller Lite and BIKEIOWA want to know! Miller Lite and BIKEIOWA will give $500 in cash to one lucky Team/Club in our 1st annual "Bike Culture Contest". That's right, CASH to be used as YOU see fit.


It's Simple. In 200 words or less, tell us how you would spend $500. Anything goes! Here's a hint: Supporting Iowa Biking Culture in some fashion will certainly get you bonus points. Put your thinking caps on and enter today! In the end, the best idea wins. period.

Contest Rules

You must be 21 to enter. Email with the subject: "$500 Contest Entry" Valid entries must include:
  • 200 words or less
  • Birthdate
  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Team/Club name
  • Home address
  • Phone number
  • optional - one photo
  • optional - one video
(Team/Club name will be posted if a winner. The rest is so we can contact you if you win.) Deadlines: All entries must be submitted by noon on Friday July 9th. The Winner will be announced on July 15th 2010. Who decides the winner? and Miller Lite have the final say.

Other Contests

Look soon for other contests through July as we RAMP UP for the Miller Lite Party Stops. We'll give away gift certificates, discounts and/or services at various bike shops and local watering holes. Watch for more information.

Miller Lite Party Stops

Coming soon!

The Brand

Miller Lite's parent company is MillerCoors, a new company with big ideas and innovations that can create new energy in the American beer business. They have great enthusiasm for the business and tremendous potential to improve it. They do it through a combination of great brands, talented people and strong partnerships. MillerCoors has had beer innovations dating back to 1884, and the beers' have won several awards. Miller Lite is just one MilleCoors brand. Their arsenal includes: 31 Domestics, 16 Imports, 27 Craft, and 11 Specialty beers. For a Complete list of our beers click here.

Follow Miller Lite

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We want to remind you of our core belief about responsible drinking: Alcohol is not for everyone, every time or every place. Brought to you by the Great Tasting,Less Filling Miller Lite,with half of the carbs of Bud Light.Miller Lite - Good Call.

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