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Sat Apr 25 2009 Noon - ???


Oasis Tavern (sports bar)
Belle Plaine, IA


The Bar. The Road. The Ditch.


Party Ride

Distance - Approximately 21 miles

UPDATE: 4/25/09 Well, it looks like today's rain and thunderstorms will be putting a damper on the biking portion of today's plan. However, we will still be enthusiastically putting the latter BC in SBCBC beginning at the Oasis in Belle Plaine at NOON! See you then... Oh, the glorious state of Iowa and all the amazing farmland scenery it has to offer! On Saturday, April 25th, a group of friends and anyone else interested in partaking will set out in southern Benton County. Wobbly traversing 21 miles of landscape, we'll seek out and explore the watering holes established within five towns along the way. Yep, that's what we do... Why join us? Well, I could try to sell you on the fact that there will be abundant opportunities to witness miles upon miles of rolling corn fields, red pickup trucks, grazing livestock and enormous grain silos. I might even try to lure you in with grandeur promises of experiencing the rich history that South Benton County has to offer. You know, landmarks such as Norway's lush ball diamonds featured in the box-office smash "The Final Season" or the granite boulder in Belle Plaine commemorating "Jumbo," the 1886 runaway artesian well that took over 13 months to stem... But let's face it...its really all about the booze and the biking. Fortunately for us, there will be copious amounts of each (responsibly, of course). Afterall, what more could one *really* ask for anyways?!?


We will fire up the ride in Belle Plaine and end up partying in Norway...approximately a 21 mile ride. Along the way, the towns and the fine drinking / dining establishments encompassed within that we'll scope out are: Luzerne, Blairstown & Watkins. Between the five towns, there are a total of six bars, the Luzerne city park and one Pepsi machine (think creatively) in Watkins...all with small town prices.


Oasis Tavern (sports bar)

728 12th Street
Belle Plaine, IA 52208



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