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peace be the journey

6 Saturday Oct 2018
  • decorah, IA
  • Trail Ride
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12 Patios Worth the Pedaling

  • Jess Rundlett
  • Wed July 18 2018
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Women on Bikes Series: Sarah Cooper interview by Josie Smith

  • bikeiowa
  • Mon March 19 2018
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Art Therapy Pedalers set to bike from Iowa to New Orleans

  • robcaswell
  • Tue July 29 2014
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We conquered the Trans-Iowa Master's Program

  • bikeiowa
  • Wed June 18 2014
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Trout Run Trail

  • bbanowetz
  • Tue October 15 2013
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Trail Recommendations

  • BikeIowa
  • Tue August 27 2013
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Decorah is for daytrippers

  • BikeIowa
  • Mon August 5 2013
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Trout Run Trail - a must-do

  • dctrail
  • Tue June 4 2013
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The Decorah Trail

  • Mon June 3 2013
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Decorah's new destination trail opens

  • Mike Kilen
  • Sun September 9 2012
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For millennia the waters have flowed, slowly and meticulously cutting a unique design into the Winneshiek County countryside. Prior to that, a meteor strike laid the foundation of this one-of-a-kind location. The picturesque bluffs and deeply carved valleys are testament to the handiwork these streams and rivers have created over the passage of time. It's truly unlike any other place in the world.

Today this gorgeous backdrop beckons those who wish to savor beautiful vistas, crystal clear waters and enjoy an area that sparkles with a diversity of outdoor recreation, cultural opportunities, delectable dining options and shopping in lovely boutiques.

So let your worries drift away -- whether kayaking down the Upper Iowa River, bicycling on the state's premier recreation trail, Trout Run Trail, or strolling downtown -- you'll create memories as unique and delightful as the rolling hills and limestone bluffs they were made in.

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