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11/30/14 / Issue #6

On Our Radar

After a long Thanksgiving weekend, we've seen family and friends, we ate well... really well. We rode our bicycles in the snow, we cleaned up the garage and have been working on the site most of the afternoon. It was a great weekend and we are thankful for many things. Most of all, our family, friends, our health and the truly AWESOME Iowa Cycling Community.

As we look back on the year, we are are satisfied with our accomplishments, the events, trails, communities and sponsors that we have helped promote, the people we have met, the friends we have made, and the rides and races we have attended. It has been a grand 'ol year for sure. We hope yours was the same.

We wish you the best during this holiday season and keep churning those pedals.


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Ride Safe!
Scott Sumpter


Tue Dec 02 2014
Cumming Tap TACOPOCALYPSE Tuesday! »Cumming, Party Ride
Thu Dec 04 2014
2-for-1 Drinks & Steak Night at Sully's Irish Pub »West Des Moines, Destination
Sat Dec 06 2014
Iowa State Cyclocross Championship Race »Altoona, Cyclocross
DecemBEAR "Too Early to Hibernate" »Spencer, Party Ride
Tue Dec 09 2014
Ladie's Only Flat Clinic »Iowa City, Other
Thu Dec 11 2014
2-for-1 Drinks & Steak Night at Sully's Irish Pub »West Des Moines, Destination
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NubNub joins as BIKEIOWA sponsor »

OH NO! On a long ride and left your bottle opener in your other tight shorts? Fret not! Get a Pub-Nub — a bottle opener that attaches easily to your handlebar.

Iowa Gravel - What makes it so special? »

Gravel roads make up 60% of Iowa's public road system and connect almost every single community across Iowa's 99 counties. And YOU can ride them all!

History of Barr Bike & Fitness »

Barr Bike & Fitness has been in Des Moines for 123 years and has ties back to 1891 when the business not only worked on bicycles, but restrung tennis racquets too!

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11/30/14 / Issue #6