If you have been following along, we had a couple great reviews from Russ at Path Less Pedaled - Path Less Pedaled "Favorite Gear of 2021" 12/9/21 and Path Less Pedaled Review 11/7/21.

We received lots of orders in a small timeline and at the same time, our fabric supplier had a delay. We had to wait a five weeks for fabric and that put us behind and we are a very small business can only manufacture and ship 50 pairs per week.

We know how it is to order something online and not get updates, especially this past couple of years in the cycling industry. We created this page with full transparency to keep YOU up to date on OUR progress and what order numbers are about to ship. We have been sending email updates every few weeks and posting to our Facebook and Instagram pages, but figured a dedicated page not on a specific social media platform would be nice.

THANKS for your patience.

The Pogie Lite Makers
Scott & Jess

last updated Jun 21