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RAGBRAI LI 7/20/2024
Iowa Bike Expo 1/27/2024
RAGBRAI Route Announcement Party 1/27/2024
Vinyl Bingo Wednesday with RAGBRAI at Captain Roy's 1/24/2024
The Great Iowa Fall Ride 9/16/2023
Firetrucker RAGBRAI Bash 7/26/2023
RAGBRAI L 7/22/2023
Bicycle Brew BBQ 5/20/2023
Shift: The RAGBRAI Documentary - May 11 5/11/2023
Shift: The RAGBRAI Documentary - May 6 5/6/2023
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Steve McGuire and Kate Coward download their Arrowhead 135 Ultra race 2/17/2024
Iowa Bicycle Coaltion's - Iowa Bike Expo and RAGBRAI Route Announcement Party Video Recap 2/16/2024
Towns along the RAGBRAI route gear up to showcase local charm and culture during the iconic ride 2/16/2024
Knoxville Chamber of Commerce has Launched a RAGBRAI Page 2/16/2024
Glenwood gearing up to welcome back RAGBRAI 2/15/2024
Knoxville named as stop in RAGBRAI 1/31/2024
Here's who had the winning bid for RAGBRAI co-founder Donald Kaul's custom-built bike 1/31/2024
RAGBRAI: Southwest Iowa gets the first three stops on the massive bicycle ride 1/31/2024
What to know about the towns on RAGBRAI's 2024 journey through southern Iowa 1/31/2024
'SHIFT: The RAGBRAI Documentary' wins esteemed award ? beats Taylor Swift at one box office 1/31/2024
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Relentless Events LLC bestows two gravel events to Iowa Gravel Project 2/14/2024
RAGBRAI LI Overnight Towns announced 1/29/2024
Perry Chamber of Commerce/BRR Ride joins as a new BIKEIOWA Sponsor 1/28/2024
Dream Team to auction RAGBRAI founder's custom bicycle on Sat, Jan 27th 2024 1/24/2024
2024 PRE-EXPO BLOW-OUT SALE Starts NOW! 1/13/2024
Come along for the ride - The 2023 Iowa Bike Shop Tour! 1/5/2024
Iowa Bicyle Coalition Completes Tour Across The State For “Support Your Local Bikes Shop” Week 12/20/2023
Pedaling for a Purpose: BIKEIOWA's Giving Tuesday Spotlight on Iowa Non-Profits 11/28/2023
Team Good Beer (TGB) Celebrates 18 Years Of Engagement With Ragbrai On 50th Year Anniversary 11/16/2023
RAGBRAl reveals logo for 2024 ride! 10/26/2023
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This week on the JustGoBike Podcast! Episode 290: Interviews From the Iowa Bike Expo 2/16/2024
JustGoBike Podcast! Episode 289: Matt Phippen and an Overview of the 2024 RAGBRAI LI Route 2/1/2024
JustGoBike Podcast! Episode 288: A Preview of the 2024 Iowa Bike Expo and RAGBRAI Route Announcement Party! 2/1/2024
This week on the JustGoBike Podcast! Episode 277: Parrottalk Featuring a Clarence Pickard Article From 1974 11/16/2023
JustGoBike Podcast! Episode 276: RAGBRAI Registration Updates for RAGBRAI LI 11/6/2023
This week on the JustGoBike Podcast! Episode 268: The Iowa Underground Railroad Ride 10/19/2023
This week on the JustGoBike Podcast! Episode 273: Iowa Bicycle Coalition’s New Executive Director Luke Hoffman 10/13/2023
This week on the JustGoBike Podcast! Episode 271: RAGBRAI 2023 Rider Recap Part 3 10/5/2023
This Week on the JustGoBike Podcast! Episode 264: RAGBRAI 2023 Rider Recap Part 1 10/5/2023
This Week on the JustGoBike Podcast! Episode 265: RAGBRAI 2023 Rider Recap Part 2 10/5/2023
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2018 - BIKEIOWA Year In Review 1/2/2019
BIKEIOWA will attend RAGBRAI Expo 6/30/2016
The slow ride towards RAGBRAI... 7/30/2015
How 2 Iowa reporters in 1973 accidentally started the world's largest bike tour 7/30/2015
Trans-Iowa V11 Recap 4/30/2015
Is Des Moines ready for a Bicycle-Friendly designation upgrade? 3/31/2015
We conquered the Trans-Iowa Master's Program 6/18/2014
BIKEIOWA's Most Excellent Adventure at the Iowa Bike Expo 1/29/2014
The Art of Carrying Things by Bike’ 8/4/2013
Getting started in ... recumbent biking: Recumbent bikes offer a more comfortable option for riders 8/4/2013
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Packing List 2/9/2013
Rides like RAGBRAI 5/30/2012
RAGBRAI 2/19/2018


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Karras-Kaul Trail 5/19/2023