mproving on thebike doesn’t have to be complicated! Do these five simple things to increase your fitness,lose some weight,achieve better balance in your life, and have even more fun at RAGBRAI this year!

When we say simple, we mean simple in concept. And, frankly, they aren’t too hard to do in practice, either; you just need to be mindful and commit to them.

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The five fundamentals for getting faster are:

  1. Be consistent yet flexible in your training
  2. Ride more!
  3. Train at different intensities
  4. Rest!
  5. Eat right

1. Consistencyin training means exercising 3-6 times per week, week after week. Sometimes consistency is riding for fun and other times of the year it is following a structured training plan. Sometimes riding a lot or a little and sometimes training hard or easy, but riding consistently is key.






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