• Wed September 14 2022
  • Posted Sep 14, 2022
Maeghan Easler found cycling, like many others, as rehab for a running injury. After some time as a successful triathlete, she decided to focus on the bike, but only for a short time, as she decided to continue with school in pursuit of further education in Oregon after earning a BS in Biochemistry from Iowa State. The challenges of COVID led her back her home in Iowa where another running injury led her back to the bike, where she found herself pinning a number on as well as doing some Zwift racing. On Zwift she represented the U.S. at the UCI eSport World Championships - which led her to a spot on the United Cycling Team. In the summer of 2022, she found much success on the road, as well as gravel, placing 3rd overall in the Green Mountain Stage Race and 6th overall at the Gravel World Championships. She has also ridden with the Saris -Nopinz eSport Cycling Team, headed by Des Moines cyclist Matt Gardiner. Follow Maeghan on Instagram @maeghanestarr.

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